Memory Keeper: This Week In September


This is how we spent out last days of summer vacay…PJ’s into the afternoon, fruit snacks and good books

Oh goodness gosh, again I’ve been such a posting slacker! I got a new phone and had to get all the set ups done…I think most of the kinks are worked out and I’m ready to do a better job of getting my photos organized. I have also been plugging away at getting all our family photos organized and published in a family photo book. That project has been on my to-do list for way too long now! One of my summer goals was to collect all our photos and catch the books up to date. Hooray, that’s done!


Our summer has been pretty chilled and low key. Other than last month’s short overnighter to the Grand Canyon and one night camping near Lake Casitas, and a couple day trips here and there, we have stuck pretty close to home. Therefore our little monkeys have done A LOT of swimming. Pretty much daily


This goofy is SO difficult to photograph with a normal face


This little handsome is getting too big! Brecks left his floaties behind this summer as he had his heart set on diving for toys and just couldn’t do it with the life jacket on. He is now a very happy swimming fish and I’m so glad he mastered this new skill this summer

20150824_181924     20150824_181851     20150824_181750

Pool party every day

IMG_20150919_111704     IMG_20150919_111400

Cheering big brother Alvin on at his cross country meet…we only got footage of him running, sorry Grandparents

IMG_20150917_182455     IMG_20150927_202849

L: These two got SO much time together over the summer, we were all happy when it was time for school to start R: While shopping Brecks grabbed a bag of sugar snap peas and asked to get them, which was funny cause he’s a picky eater and hadn’t really wanted to eat them before. This time he pretty much ate the entire bag singlehandedly. Yeigh, another veggie to add to the ‘likes’ list


I seem to post a picture of my sleeping babies every month 🙂


A kindly soul that wanted to regain control of his overgrown blackberry patch gave me 30 twigs and roots, after planting them in pots and lovingly tending them, 20 or so have grown nice green growth

IMG_20150915_164756     IMG_20150914_155600

L: Juice Inspiration: Apple Kale Celery Juice with fresh Spinach and a couple frozen Bananas

R: Smoothie Inspiration: Acai Juice, frozen Peach Strawberry Banana

IMG_20150910_161018     IMG_20150908_120052

L: Smoothie Inspiration: Frozen Strawberries Banana Peach with Almond milk (or yogurt)

R: Juice Inspiration: Pineapple Apple Carrot Juice with Almond milk

IMG_20150922_181816     IMG_20150918_141404

L: Salad Inspiration: Romaine Lettuce with Orange slices, slivered Almonds, dried Cranberries and a Homemade Honey Balsamic Vinegar

R: Meal Inspiration: Grilled Chicken strips with Avo on a bed of lightly sautéed Asparagus

IMG_20150830_134714     IMG_20150830_134603

A couple of photo’s we took at the local museum at the dedication of their new children’s garden

L: Azure inside a recreated Chumash Ap constructed by local Eagle Scout and troop

R: Azure trying his hand at pounding corn

IMG_20150830_134537     IMG_20150830_130518

L: Brecks doing the corn pounding thing

R: Visiting with the desert tortoises. He was in LOVE with these guys and so excited to watch, pet and feed them. This guy desperately needs a pet

Until next time Lovelies. Hope your summer was an amazing memory


Memory Keeper: This Week In July


Above: Celebrating America’s Birthday this year with a lovely cake covered in summer berries

Here is my Memory Keeper post for July. Let’s start off with some foodie pics.

IMG_20140707_165019     IMG_20140708_093236

Left: Cole made a couple giant Chocolate Chip cookies Right: And he brought me breakfast in bed

IMG_20140711_172336     IMG_20140624_110640

Left: Lime Blueberry loaf with Cream Cheese frosting Right: Homemade Hummus



Left: Orange Pineapple Strawberry Nectarine Smoothie Right: Blueberry Mango Banana Kale Yogurt Smoothie

Now is the time of year to stock up on those fruit sales. Produce prices are always on the rise, but its worth it to buy a bit extra and freeze it to enjoy as smoothies in months to come

IMG_20140702_152110     IMG_20140725_133725

Left: The summer fun continues in the pool Right: Splashing in plastic storage containers on the patio with big brother overseeing the fun

IMG_20140725_103941     20140711_134540

Left: More train time Right: This boy is all about lego creating these days

IMG_20140725_103824     IMG_20140714_162656

Left: Azure grew a couple of sunflowers from seed as a kindergarten take home project

IMG_20140709_182842     IMG_20140707_151727

Left: All this summer fun is tiring me out! Right: These two little monkeys decided to take over juicing for me

IMG_20140706_135122     IMG_20140711_211259

Left: A rare day out with just Azure. He requested a Subway sandwich Right: Ninja boy posing

IMG_20140727_194320     IMG_20140727_195752

As a rare and treasured treat, I got to hang out with Rachel, Carolina and their friends at Rincon beach for a girlie evening of gabbing and watching the sunset. I finally got to see the dolphins swimming less than two hundred feet from shore! Such a cool experience. Thanks for the great stories and company Rachel!

And that raps up July! Is summer flying or dragging by for you?


Memory Keeper: This Week In June



Happy Summer Vacation All. We are keeping busy and trying to have fun 🙂 As you can imagine juggling 5 kids and making sure everyone gets a turn to do something they consider fun can be a challenge at times.

IMG_20140610_184801     IMG_20140610_202658

Left: So far we have attended our graduating 8th graders promotion and celebrated with a ice cream treat

Right: Hubbs snapped a pic of me and the tiny turkey

IMG_20140620_221837     IMG_20140620_222655

I did a mini photo shoot in about 5 minutes while running out the door on Azure’s last day of school before his promotion. He did a cute little performance with the other kindergarten classes and had a small celebration for his graduation.

IMG_20140620_222359     IMG_20140620_222043

IMG_20140619_220106     IMG_20140617_152856

Left: This little cutie is growing up waaaaay too quickly! Sniff, I miss my baby. Right: One thing I love about the big boys having a bit more time around the house is that they will sometimes stop and build a creation for the little guys. Cole’s version of Olaf from frozen.

IMG_20140613_190631     IMG_20140624_102445

Left: Azure showing off his prized pinecone while we camped near Lake Arrowhead Right: Azure was practicing the 30’s and 40’s families and Brecks surprised me by lining up some mixed up flashcards I gave him on his own. I was trying to tell him to smile by pointing to my cheek, so he thought that pointing was what I wanted him to do. hehe

IMG_20140624_164418     IMG_20140611_115854

Left: Azure finally getting to the dentist Right: Me and snuggle pants enjoying an afternoon story

Small family things we have been up to so far this summer is camping and hiking for Memorial Day weekend up around the Big Sur area, camping, hiking and swimming near Lake Arrowhead and Lake Gregory, getting all the doctors, dentist, eye check ups for everyone (quite the process!) and I’ve been homeschooling Brecks (starting him with reading and pre writing) and Azure (continuing with reading practice, cursive penmanship and writing sentences to get ready for 1st grade). Cole and Kenyon decided to take advantage of summer school to get in their first 9th grade class, so they are away at the high school half the day. The kids are in the pool everyday and we will be celebrating Kenyon’s big 13th next week.

Last year when I was trying to come up with adding a few more family traditions in our celebration line up  Hubbs had the idea of a day purely to celebrated our family. He thought mid year between our two birthdays would be fun, so next month we will celebrate our first ever Family Day! I’ll let you know what we end up doing. What special traditions or activities do you celebrate or do during the year?