DIY Tutorial: Framed Pet Silhouette on Fabric



Welcome back for a super simple DIY Tutorial today: Framed Pet Silhouette on Fabric. BEWARE: This project is SO easy, ANYONE can do it and its a perfect Christmas gift for a special pet lover. Let’s start.

Items Needed/Cost of Project:

Frame (any size): FREE (I already had this lying around my house)

White Gloss Spray Paint: FREE (Again, I had this leftover from other projects) Though I recently bought one from Michaels, it was 40% off sale and I searched there website and snagged a 25% off total bill coupon. So I paid just under $4. You could also leave the frame as is, if it goes with your look

Fabric: FREE (Yup, I had this on hand) You only need a small piece of fabric, depending on your frame size and could probably buy it for less than .50 cents or you could go with a pretty piece of scrapbook paper instead

Black Paint: FREE (Had it) I used a .50 cent bottle of black acrylic paint from Walmart or a craft store (don’t forget to use a coupon if shopping a craft store)

Pen and small Paint Brush: FREE (Already had)

Printer: Black and White ink is fine for this project

Side profile Photo of your subject. You can use other animals, people or favorite objects as well

Total Cost of Project: FREE or about $5+ if you needed to buy everything

Aside from paint drying time, this project literally takes less than ten minutes (if you aren’t painting your frame) Awesome, right?


Step 1: Print out a picture of your subject. Make sure its a good fit for your frame. Resize larger or smaller as necessary. For mine I used a picture of doggie niece Jax, this gift will be for her parents this Christmas

Step 2: Spray paint your frame, if you decide to do this step


Step 3: Wrap a piece of cardboard with your fabric or paper, pull tight and tape down. I used the cardboard that came in the back of the frame and some thick masking tape. Iron fabric before taping if necessary


Step 4: Check to make sure the fabric is tight and you have no wrinkles, adjust if necessary


Step 5: Do a quick mock up and decide final placement of photo. Originally, I was thinking I’d go with putting the photo way down in the lower right corner, but afterwards I changed my mind and centered it instead. Notice how the photo cuts off on the bottom and right side? I just faked the rest of the outline. Also the ear on top got cut off in the printing and again, I just added an extra piece of paper and faked it


Step 6: Trace your photo with a pen


Step 7: Start painting the outline and keep your paint from dripping or flicking all over by doing this step carefully. I filled the paint cap with paint and set it on the area I intended to paint, in case of drips. Paint this outline as neatly as you can, keeping the lines crisp will make the effect nicer

Step 8: Fill in the entire space you wish to paint. I did two full coats and left it to dry in between coats, and then a little spot touch ups wherever I could still see the pattern peaking through

IMG_20141205_163039Sorry, the glass was a little dirty ūüôā But, yeah here’s the finished product!

Go get creative with a piece of meaningful art for a gift this Christmas!

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DIY Tutorial: Simple Favor Bag


Sorry Lovelies, I really haven’t had any time to craft recently. Seeing that tutorials & diy’s are my most viewed posts I wanted to put up a real simple and fairly quick project today. I will say right off this project DID take me a long time as I was making¬†19 for my son’s class as a valentine exchange. We have had SO much going on here at home I didn’t have time to sit with Azure and have him make a pile of cards. I was trying to give something that wasn’t a sweet treat and something that hopefully won’t be thrown away too soon and came up with these little sunglass cases that can be reused as a treasure bag later. At the bottom of the post I’ll include my inspirations for this project.

Items Needed/Cost of Project:

1.66 of a yard of natural muslin Cost: about $2.49 on sale at Joann’s (I already had this one hand, but you could certainly use scraps or make smaller bags)

Scrapes of fabric and felt Cost: Free (Already had on hand)

Regular thread & embroidery thread Cost: Free (Already had)

Ribbon or some thing to use as a drawstring Cost: Free (I used scraps of ribbon I had in my stash)

A black thin tipped permanent marker Cost: Free (I already had this, that I bought¬†at the dollar store,¬†though if I were to buy something I would have gotten a fabric marker so it won’t wash out)

Red fabric paint, optional Cost: Free (I already had, I think only a dollar if you were buying it. I believe I bought mine at Walmart)

Sunglasses, optional Cost: $7.00 (3/$1.00 party favors at the .99 Cents store)

Sewing machine, optional Cost: Free (Already had)

Total Cost: $9.50 or $0.40 cents for one baggie, including the glasses


Step 1: Wash and iron your fabric. Decide what size you want the baggie to be. I folded my fabric over (and saved sewing one side) and cut out 10″ x 4 1/2″ rectangle. Opened up it was 10″ x 9″. ¬† IMG_20140212_084048

Step 2: Next I took a scrap of fabric and tested my pen and picture design.


Step 3: I traced the drawing sketch I made on the fabric and made a simple template out of paper. Then I traced it on to the fabric I was using to make the baggie. I tried to center the picture as much as possible, taking into consideration only one side of the bag would have a seam (therefore needed a little extra fabric allowance) and the top where I would be using to make the drawstring seam. I chose to use fabric scraps to make a hat and felt to make a heart patch and a skull and ‘crossbones’ since the little guy looked at bit more like a farmer than a pirate. For the girls, I made a tied bandana looking hat instead (See pics below) using the same template steps.

Step 4: I used embroidery thread to hand stitch the eye patch on and regular thread to hand stitch the hat on. You can use whatever thread you like and can use your sewing machine to complete this step.


Step 5: I free handed the eye, nose, mouth and added a couple of lines for hair that went up to the hat and personalized each baggie with ‘You’re a grrreat friend ________ (the child’s name added)! I made all the boys look the same. When I went to make the girls, I noticed that the girls had more noticeably different hair and chose to personalize their hair a little with a few different styles and types. You could totally save yourself time and keep them all the same, especially if you don’t feel confident to free hand it.


Step 6: Using the sewing machine (or hand sewing) sew the bottom and the one side seam closed. Since the other side is folded over you don’t need to sew that side.

Step 7: Sew the drawstring seam just like you would for a pair of pants. Here’s a link:¬†with detailed instructions. Simply put, make a tiny fold to hide the raw seam and then a larger¬†one¬†that will fit the string, sew down.¬†Leave a small gap to string the string through.


Step 8:
Since these bags were doubling for valentine cards, we made a heart print using the fabric paint and a thumb. I placed a piece of folded newspaper inside the bag to avoid the paint soaking through while we were printing.¬†It did leave a little newspaper stuck to the inside ūüė¶ I couldn’t find any heavy cardstock which I have tried before with good results. When the paint was dry, I added arms, legs and a face with the same marker I used for the front. This particular one did not soak through the fabric, but I would definitely test yours on a scrap first. Lastly, Azure signed his name.

IMG_20140212_212040      IMG_20140212_211921

Here are a few¬†samples of the baggies I made. See I was trying to go fancy with the hair styles ūüôā

IMG_20140212_211825     IMG_20140213_073451

These are what the boys bags looked like and the sunglasses I added inside the bags once they were complete.

And here are the inspiration links: and

Have fun adapting your own favor bags!

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