Memory Keeper: This Week In May


Happy Spring All! And Happy 2nd year Blog Anniversary to this blog!!! We have been enjoying some cooler rainy weather here in Cali. Admittedly, its a little strange, but we are oh so thankful for the extra bits of rain during our long drought. Again, we have been sticking pretty close to home these days. The kids are all focused on year end testing and getting their grades up and Azure is practicing for his spring play of Peter Pan coming up next week. Here are a few family pictures and some more salad and smoothie inspiration for you

AzurePlaySandApr2105    IMG_20150424_124038

I found this fun magnetic sand at the .99 cent store (it was $1.99 for a two lb. bag) It’s been a fun hit with the little kids. Yes, its still very messy, but one cool thing is it doesn’t dry out like playdoh and you don’t need to add water like regular sand to make castles, etc.

IMG_20150420_184556     IMG_20150418_1159082

L: We tried a pinterest project of making ‘Dinosaur eggs’ It didn’t turn out the best and was super crumbly, but we had fun making them together

Link to project we tried:

R: Brecks chilling with his orange snack while waiting for Dad to pick us up from shopping

IMG_20150506_094152     IMG_20150505_1849354

L: Brecks is continuing with his school journey. For some reason he only likes writing with capital manuscript letters. I guess all the youtube shows/songs he likes features capital letters

R: Got my craft on quite a bit this month with birthday gifts for loved ones

IMG_20150419_181828     IMG_20150418_182507

Salad Inspirations

L: Pork and Avocado over greens with a sprinkle of dried Cranberries and Pumpkin Seeds

R: Beef, Avocado and Strawberries on a bed of Mixed Greens

IMG_20150504_152641     IMG_20150430_150317

Smoothie Inspiration

L: Blueberry Banana Kale, Kombucha and Orange Juice

R: Sweet Potato (baked and frozen) Banana Kombucha Orange Juice

IMG_20150504_145702     IMG_20150430_145717

L: Banana Pear Sweet Potato (baked and frozen) Kale, Kombucha and Orange Juice

R: Blueberry Banana Sweet Potato Kombucha and Orange Juice

IMG_20150507_161501     IMG_20150514_102641

L: Did some face painting for Azure’s school Carnival

R: The Easter pail was Brecks solution to not having an umbrella when it rained. This funny boy is mesmerized by the rain, to be sure it IS a rarity in Cali

IMG_20150513_165407     IMG_20150423_070326

L: A pretty blossoming tree and a large monkey that couldn’t resist climbing it. He hopped out real quick once he saw my phone out 🙂 hehe

R: I have noticed I take a lot of pictures of the two little guys sleeping, I think the idea of them growing up too quick is hitting me. Thankfully, they aren’t too old for stories and snuggles

Well, that’s all folks. Have a wonderful week


Memory Keeper: This Week In March and April


Hello. Hello. Sorry its been awhile. Busy, busy as is goes. Here’s some snaps of our lives from last month

2015-01-30 18.36.44     IMG_0079(2)

L: Azure dancin’ up a storm at his school’s sock hop dance R: Playing ‘guitar’ on the Mindstorm lego the big boys got for Christmas

IMG_20150317_102616     IMG_20150301_211152

L: A smart little turkey that lines up numbers 20-100 all by himself. For.Fun! In fact this is how he keeps himself busy while I have breakfast R: A lovely little reminder note posted by one of the big boys in their bathroom 🙂 Hehehe, we parents had a good laugh

IMG_20150313_093948     IMG_20150307_183033

L: Homemade peanut butter in the new food processor. Just peanuts and salt! R: My version of Chile Rellenos stuffed with fresh queso, sweet potatoes, corn and garlic

IMG_20150319_200241     IMG_20150319_200607

L: Azure attending his school’s science fair night. R: Holding ‘Rosie’ the 5 year old tarantula

Science Fair night is an absolute highlight of the year for this boy. The demonstrators are the older elementary students from his school conducting experiments and the other tables are staffed by local college students passing along their love of science. As soon as he saw the DNA strand model (pictured above) he ran right over and said ‘Oh it’s DNA! Like Cole’s model.’ Cole recently made a small version out of pipe cleaner, beads and tinker toys for his science class project

IMG_20150415_104311      IMG_20150415_104339

L: Checking out the shark jaws and teeth R: Watching an electrocuted pickle light up. Very cool…until it starts stinking 🙂

IMG_20150413_171509     IMG_20150323_174058

A couple of smoothie inspirations for you…PS I always freeze the fruit first, so I don’t need to add ice

L: Pineapple Banana Orange Juice Smoothie R: Cole’s creation: Yogurt Banana Pineapple Smoothie

IMG_20150317_175221     IMG_20150331_181541

And some fresh salad inspiration too

L: Baby greens Blue Cheese Red Grapes Pecans and a tangy Honey Dressing

R: Cucumber Tomato Red Onion Pork and Pineapple with Honey Lemon Dressing in a Cabbage Leaf Boat

IMG_20150402_134925     IMG_20150402_134605

L: Not sure what’s up with the silly tongue lately R: Posing with paper kitties they made during Spring Break

And that, my friends and family is where we leave off tonight. Hope you had some awesome spring adventures


Memory Keeper: This Week In July


Above: Celebrating America’s Birthday this year with a lovely cake covered in summer berries

Here is my Memory Keeper post for July. Let’s start off with some foodie pics.

IMG_20140707_165019     IMG_20140708_093236

Left: Cole made a couple giant Chocolate Chip cookies Right: And he brought me breakfast in bed

IMG_20140711_172336     IMG_20140624_110640

Left: Lime Blueberry loaf with Cream Cheese frosting Right: Homemade Hummus



Left: Orange Pineapple Strawberry Nectarine Smoothie Right: Blueberry Mango Banana Kale Yogurt Smoothie

Now is the time of year to stock up on those fruit sales. Produce prices are always on the rise, but its worth it to buy a bit extra and freeze it to enjoy as smoothies in months to come

IMG_20140702_152110     IMG_20140725_133725

Left: The summer fun continues in the pool Right: Splashing in plastic storage containers on the patio with big brother overseeing the fun

IMG_20140725_103941     20140711_134540

Left: More train time Right: This boy is all about lego creating these days

IMG_20140725_103824     IMG_20140714_162656

Left: Azure grew a couple of sunflowers from seed as a kindergarten take home project

IMG_20140709_182842     IMG_20140707_151727

Left: All this summer fun is tiring me out! Right: These two little monkeys decided to take over juicing for me

IMG_20140706_135122     IMG_20140711_211259

Left: A rare day out with just Azure. He requested a Subway sandwich Right: Ninja boy posing

IMG_20140727_194320     IMG_20140727_195752

As a rare and treasured treat, I got to hang out with Rachel, Carolina and their friends at Rincon beach for a girlie evening of gabbing and watching the sunset. I finally got to see the dolphins swimming less than two hundred feet from shore! Such a cool experience. Thanks for the great stories and company Rachel!

And that raps up July! Is summer flying or dragging by for you?


Recipe: Orange Cranberry Chia Muffins with a toasted Coconut topping (Vegan)



Ok People, I am seriously excited about these wonderful vegan adapted muffins. The smell and taste are amazing and the texture is perfect! Now we aren’t vegan, though when I have the opportunity to try out a new vegan recipe or I vegan adapt and it turns out really well, I’m so pleased. This recipe came about due to not having the called for ingredients on hand and since I’m not one to run out and grab grocery items all throughout the week I tried to adapt it and it was magical. Yes, I’m a little nutsy about these babies.

So without further ado…enter Orange Cranberry Chia Muffins with a toasted Coconut topping.

Ingredients: (Makes 24 muffins, half the recipe if you want less)

2 cups fresh frozen cranberries (I stocked my freezer after the holidays and sadly I’m on my last bag)

zest of 1 orange (optional)

1 tsp. orange flavor

2 1/3 cups of orange juice (I used 7 medium oranges)

1 1/2 cup of sugar + 2 tbsp.

4 heaped tbsp. of chia seeds

1 cup oil (coconut oil would probably be amazing as well)

2 cups unbleached white flour

2 cups whole wheat flour

2 tbsp. baking powder

1 tsp. salt

1/4-1/3 cup of sweetened shredded coconut (could probably go with unsweetened as well)


1. Get a pan on the heat with your frozen berries and add the 2 tbsp. of sugar. You don’t need to add any water as juices will come out of the cooking berries. Stir every now and again. When berries pop and soften, turn off the heat and leave to cool down.

2. Juice your oranges and just get everything into a big mixing bowl. I always sift baking powder into the mix with a small hand held strainer to avoid the dreaded clumps of powder in the final product. Other than that, it’s pretty much a one bowl dump. Add the cooled berries and prepare your muffin tray or baking dish of choice. I used silicone baking cups which I sprayed with my misto can of olive oil and measured out the batter into the cups. As an after thought I sprinkled some shredded coconut on the tops, really good idea if you have it on hand as it adds a wonderful toasty crunch.

Bake in a 350 degrees oven until toothpick comes out clean and muffins are lightly browned. Turn down your oven if they look toasty but aren’t quite done. Eat immediately for the full yummy effect.

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