Pack Yo Bags- A Humorous Reminder to Woosa in Parenting

I’m going to preface this post by saying though I enjoy writing when the mood hits, I don’t consider myself a writer. I hardly ever write and when I do it’s mostly making lists! That being said I sometimes have a crazy idea pop up in the grey matter between my ears. Ok, truthfully the crazy ideas pop up a lot. Ask my husband. No, maybe don’t. The stories that man could tell. Yikes! Off topic there. When the ideas/inspiration to write does come up I don’t usually have the time/remember/lose interest etc. before I get anything put down.

Today I thought I would just quickly write up whatever came to mind (not really any editing, so please don’t judge too harshly my literary friends) and see if I could make someone laugh, crack a smile, or smirk at my pain or just knowing someone else out there feels yours. I wish I could have written this up with stick figures ala Diary of a Wimpy Kid style, as that’s how I was envisioning it.

Anyhoo, I hope you are able to find a little comic relief in the daily grind today.

xo, Katrina


The Life & Times of a Supergirl Flying By the Seat of Her Pants

     Let’s catch up with Supergirl who is once again flying by the seat of her pants, sparkly cape flowing as her hair swirls and billows out around her head like a creature unto itself, perfect nails, dressed in clothes that aren’t yoga pants, freshly showered with a beaming smile ready to bestow on her many angelic offspring ….wait who am I kidding? Let’s just stick with the flying by the seat of her pants intro.

   She is busy. Busy trying to answer pesky non-stop questions that her Superlittles have firmly decided is their sole purpose in life is to invent for her to answer, while she busily tries to complete some other loudly screaming task. She does her best to be intentional about her responses, but honestly half of them are gonna be along the lines of “Uhuh” “Brilliant darling” or a faint smile with a glazed over expression, depending on if she has had coffee yet or not. Or green tea or whatever it is she has had time to get or remembered to make. And if she doesn’t  produce the desired response Superfour year old darling will start telling her the correct thing to say and to “repeat after him” Sometimes it’s just easier to just listen to a four year old. At least he gets a kick out of telling her what’s what. Anyways, she’s busy.

   Busy dusting. Dusting? Who needs that, its a new writing surface! “Come, darling. Let’s practice writing your letters” Yes, yes, that’s the way ‘cleaning’ is done’ and boy how ’bout that laundry! Gosh, durn it. It’s an identity unto itself, a giant ass daily Goliath! She hears its roaring rumbling from all corners of the house, in every room ready to pounce when she really doesn’t have the time to deal. Its a regular dirty word in most households. MAKE IT STOP! Oh PLEASE make it stop?!

   Snap, pinch. slap. SLAP! Snap out of it Supergirl. You are blessed to HAVE clothes, clean water, soap, machines that actually DO the washing for you with the push of a button. “True, true” says Supergirl “Sorry, I got off on a rant”

   On top of juggling life’s many balls while glamorously flying by the seat of her pants Supergirl often forgets to mediate on positive thoughts, marinade in good vibes and send love-filled Namaste’s in all directions. Thankfully, Supergirl watches ‘How to Calm Yourself Down From an Anxiety Attack’ on YOUTUBE, pins mantras and motivational quotes galore and has a fiercely loyal bestie that showers her with friendship and kindness.

   “In this moment, I will react with peace” Repeat several times.

   “Boys, you leave for camp soon. Why haven’t you packed? I’ve been telling you to pack all week.” Supergirl hears her frantic voice border lining on hysteric tones, feels the blood pressure rising and can see grey hairs sprouting before her very eyes.

   “In this moment, I will react with peace” Repeat as needed.

   “Lovelies!” ” Wonderful Gentleman!” “Oh, my Sweet children?” (It’s important to project positive images onto them, right? That is, when you remember to) Supergirl calls out in a lovely adjusted melodic voice. “Dad, is now walking to the car to bring you to camp. I know you’ve gotten packed as I have asked. Right?”

    “Yes! Yes, of course Mother (aka: The Nagging Tyrant)” the Superteens (Of which Supergirl has 3. OMG, that was not great planning right there. Do yourselves a favor and stagger the emotional stress and trauma people. You’re welcome) huff and puff accompanied with much eye rolling. Which basically translates into ‘Gee gosh. What’s her pushy problem?!’ ‘But, I’m a wee bit smarter than to say THAT out loud. I KNOW what the Kraken is. I exclusively and extensively read adventure fantasy and have no intention of unleashing that beast here and now. Besides, I’m waaaay too busy finishing this game to challenge that monster at the moment.’

  “It’s all ready by the front door” Superteens chorus.

   “Oh finally! I DO have awesome children. All my hard work of patiently, nope scratch that…consistently showing them how, is now paying off. My little men are blossoming into responsible young adults ready to take on the world and prosper.” Inner delightful thoughts dance through Supergirl’s mind as she happy dances her way in the direction of the front entry, because no matter how much you WANT to imagine the best about your children, there is always a teensy tiny floating mind box that must be checked. Ok, it might just be Supergirl’s mind.


The sight that greets her. Awesome.

  “In this moment, I will react with…laughter and a photo posted to Instagram”

    The Superteens went on to spend a very cold weekend visit in the mountains due to not thinking ahead and packing correctly. The above picture was EXACTLY how they packed and  how they intended to bring their items.

   I guess Supergirl’s hoarse throat, high blood pressure and grey hairs were wasted in the end. Moral of the story: Woosa parents. They will learn…once they get tired of freezing. If you’re lucky they will also see all your freakish ways as an expression of love and care. Eventually. Maybe. Don’t quote me.

   Now close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Repeat after me, “In this moment, I will react with peace”

   It’s really all YOU can do.

   So hang on to your coffee as you fly by and try to enjoy the ride. You got this Supergirl!

   Love, A Fellow Supergirl

   PS: Please realize this pep talk is aimed at moi. I can’t fool my family that I react this chilled enough of the time, but hey being more mindful translates into actions right? Eventually. 🙂 Also, I would not be able to fly along without the support of a pretty awesome Super-Man, who is cool, calm and collected when his fan girl is having meltdown moments. Yup. Yup. He’s the ying to my yang and oh so patient. Huge, gushy adorations for that Man. Much thanks Babe.



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