Memory Keeper: This Week in December and January

2015-11-22 12.42.35

A little fellow in his happy place. Cali beach life is in his blood

Happy Belated New Year Everyone. Once again, I’m playing catch up with keeping the blog updated. Sorry! Now you have to bear with me over posting cutsey pictures of the family. Ok, here it goes…

IMG_20151225_091555     IMG_20151225_091517     IMG_20151231_134123

Throwback to Christmas morning. Playing with new toys and glued to the new books. Huge thanks to Grammpy, Grammy and all the Canadian Uncles, Aunts and cousins for blessing the kids with gifts

IMG_20151227_124633     IMG_20151227_150655    IMG_20151227_124710

Did the Cozy Dell hike again with these two. I must say Azure has started his fair share of complaining and lobbying for breaks

IMG_20160113_160324     IMG_20160125_125255     IMG_20160110_135244

Left: The littles are so happy on the rare occasions their big brothers have time to spend with them

Center: Taking advantage of a no school day to go out for donuts. First time ever!

Right: Spent a couple hours with these two. The first time Brecks had been to a mall play place. I was so terrified they would smash into the teeny tiny kids toddling around


Hiking in the Santa Monica mountains on New Years

IMG_20160101_154444     IMG_20160101_184518     IMG_20160101_153000

Whelp, that’s it for today. See ya in a couple weeks


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