Memory Keeper: Happy Holidays 2015

AllBoysRocks (6)

Happy New Year Family and Friends!

Here are some extra photos from our Christmas photo session, feel free to skip if you aren’t related to us. It’s totally cool. Check out the backdrop, Hubbs made us hike a mile to this location in the Los Padres National Forest. Yes, we are a bit nutsy! It’s ok, another excuse to get some exercise in. Before I get all the comments about us being down one kid and why I’m not in the photos I’ll answer that now. One kid did not care to participate in this outing and as for myself, well it’s difficult enough to round everyone up to just get this done already. Anyhoo, enjoy seeing the monkeys as they get bigger and more handsome

AllBoys (6)

AllBoysSitting (7)

Alvin (21)

The biggest Monkey. Looking handsome and reasonably happy

Alvin (16)

And we get a smile!

Alvin (10)

He doesn’t like my trying to ‘pose’ him

Alvin&Azure (1)

After many admonitions to ‘not squeeze so tight Azure’ we got a decent shot

Cole (30)

Love close ups of their handsome faces

Cole (22)

Monkey #2

Cole (11)

Climbing all over and making tons of noise! Cougar control, right?

Cole (19)

I had to include these…it sums up his personality so well

Cole (20)

4Boys (5)

Azure (8)

Cutie face of Monkey #4

Azure (12)

‘Climbing on the rocks is more interesting. Get this done already’

Azure (20)

Having a challenged hair day, but still cute

Dad&Littles (3)

Awww! Daddy and the two babies

Brecks (18)

Tiny Monkey #5 in his fancies

Brecks (16)

‘Ok,. One smile!’

Brecks (5)

‘Catch me if you can’

2015-11-14 13.22.31

Have a blessed New Year All!


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