Memory Keeper: This Week In October


Above: Alvin, in his 2nd year of being on the Cross Country/Track team

I made up for not taking many pictures recently this month…you are warned!

CCRaceAl02      IMG_20151016_193242

Left: Alvin has worked hard this year to improve his personal best time and continues to enjoy the sport

Right: Biggest boy also had a birthday. Hmm, yeah. The other characters were just there for the cake

IMG_20151009_142700     IMG_20151009_134636

This boy is a confirmed bookworm. Love it!


We enjoyed a light rain and made it an adventure, with boots and all. The littles were thrilled!

IMG_20151005_162148     IMG_20151005_161741

Practicing spelling and writing numbers

IMG_20151007_125810     IMG_20151106_134633

Making a fall painting and doing science experiments

IMG_20151008_125444     IMG_20151103_074724

Left: “I am Egypt” says this little silly dilly Right: He helps me make my coffee every morning


One of our many beach trips. Ooooo, I am loving the camera on my new phone

IMG_20151011_123716     IMG_20151011_123707

Yup, we were still in the water in October! Well, the kids were anyway

Hope you enjoyed peeking in on our days together. Until next time, xo


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