Memory Keeper: This Week In October 2


Above: Cole won 1st place in his age and belt in a multi school tournament

And another Memory Keeper to catch up with all those photos I’ve been taking

IMG_20151003_135429     IMG_20151003_135540

Last year Cole attended this same tournament and didn’t win a trophy. I was proud of him for coming back this year as a black belt showing perseverance and sportsmanship

IMG_20151010_110900     IMG_20151010_112202     IMG_20151010_115344

We attended Story Fest 2015 this year with the little kids and they had a great time checking out all the big trucks, trying a blender bike, making crafts and reading stories

Halloween03     IMG_20151101_143720

Left: A little Dragon and a Wolf for Halloween. Brecklin’s first time. He was SO excited!

Right: A little trip to the book store for reading and snacks

IMG_20151025_163905     IMG_20151025_161808

Left: A Sand dollar Right: A pic of the gang…Just for you Oma Grandma! They complained SO much!

IMG_20151025_161851     IMG_20151025_161659

Yup, yup. They are still swimming

IMG_20151029_205014     IMG_20151023_173137

Left: Pumpkin Cheesecake Right: Fresh baked bread (courtesy of Kenyon)

IMG_20151013_171557     IMG_20151016_084648

Left: Smokey Chili, use some smoked paprika…it’s amazing! Right: A tiny boy practicing spelling, he loves a show on hulu called Word World and copies it by writing/making words whenever he can

Happy Fall!


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