Memory Keeper: This Week In August


First day of Second Grade!

This is my 100th post guys. It’s exciting to know I’ve stuck with it this long.

IMG_20150811_163529     IMG_20150811_140301

L: Pizza Party. These two topped the pizzas for dinner R: Sleeping children are the best!

IMG_0695     IMG_0726

 A new backpack and a couple of goofs at the doctor getting ready for back to school. Its funny how I start out summer with all these great ideas of fun things to do and we barely get to a quarter of the list 🙂 Huff puff, not gonna lie summer wore me out! Trying to entertain the kids in the house is becoming increasingly difficult. Praying for a new house with outdoor run around space.  The big boys took some extra summer classes, read a ton of fiction and did A LOT of sleeping in and playing of computer games! The littles had play dates, simple school and reading practice, watched too many movies and went swimming nearly everyday. I’m ready for school to start

IMG_20150815_165002     IMG_20150818_155126

L: Azure asked for waffles. So homemade waffles and peach jam for dinner it is R: Coconut Chocolate Cherry Muffins greeted the kids when they got home from first day of school

IMG_20150817_093408     IMG_20150817_095306

L: Selfie king in our house R: He does other things too, like bring his mama breakfast and coffee in bed.  Thoughtful boy


We had a short, but very special visit with this tiny boy…Canadian cousin Hudson! aka Mr. Bacon


Cousins posing. There are those goofs again


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