Memory Keeper: This Week In May And June


I’ve been a slacker in the photo department lately, so here is a mash up from May and June


Hanging out at the Kern River with friends in May

IMG_0420     IMG_0416     IMG_0414

L: Cole caught a trout C: Ready for wadding A: Another brave soul ventures in


Helping Daddy set up the tent

IMG_20150522_115945     IMG_20150612_204729

Welcome Summer! These two are enjoying park trips and rollerblading in the house at 9 pm

IMG_20150610_154900     IMG_20150602_094049

Getting too big too fast. Stay small tiny turkey!

IMG_20150613_113723     IMG_20150610_154621

Azure asked me to make him this wolf mask to go with his report for show & tell at school

IMG_0547     IMG_0549

One very happy beach bum and a rare shot of handsome oldest brother

Hope ya’ll are enjoying a lovely summer break!