Memory Keeper: This Week In January

2015-01-01 12.24.54

Posing in front of the Seattle Space Needle

This Memory Keeper post is a few snaps returning home to sunny weather

2015-01-01 12.38.42     iPhone 6+ 221

Going up to the top of the Space Needle would have cost our family $146.oo  (Ages 13+ $26.oo, Youth age 4-12 $16.oo, Under 4 Free) and parking was $12.oo. Double yikes!!! Since we were just passing through on the drive down and still needed to get back on the road, we opted to just pay parking at $12.oo which was good for a couple hours  (though I did see less expensive parking later for $4.oo, though not sure how long it was for) and just take a quick stroll.

I’m pretty sure I would never pay that much to take the whole family up there just to take in the scenery, unless it was something they were all super into and they were desperate to see. Though one day I may save up and go for dinner with Hubbs. The dinner IS expensive in itself, but at least you would have the entire meal time to enjoy the view.

It was a nice sunny day and there were tons of people visiting and walking around. There is also the Pacific Science Center and Children’s Science Center in the area. In the photo on the left, was an outdoor skating area they had just closed for the season

iPhone 6+ 216     IMG_20150102_132307

L: For some funny reason this circle was THE place to take a pic R: Drive through San Fran and across the Golden Gate Bridge on the way home

2014-12-07 14.17.27     2014-12-07 14.17.43

Ahhhh, we’re HOME

iPhone 6+ 226     IMG_20150106_174150

Goofys enjoying Christmas gifts

IMG_20150106_140418     IMG_20150106_153546

I am enjoying the beautiful blanket Grammy knitted (she also knitted and sewed 4 more for all of us! She is AWESOME!) and gifted to me and the pretty trees

 IMG_20140809_154535     IMG_20141208_122316

L: Pina Colada Smoothie: Frozen Pineapple & a can of coconut milk R: Cucumber Pear Banana with Chia Seeds

IMG_20141217_183630     IMG_20150105_103722

L: Strawberry Orange Pear with Chia Seeds R: Zucchini muffins topped with walnuts…Back-to-School

iPhone 6+ 237

And one happy face that’s missing a couple of chompers. Hope your Winter Break was fantastic!


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