Memory Keeper: This Week In December 2

2014-12-23 15.45.20

Auntie Yvette doing the Gingerbread House with cousin Kalin and Brecks

Hope Everyone had the best holiday season! We got to make a very special trip to Canada and spend time with much missed family up there. Thanks guys for making it a lovely visit. Here are a few snaps from our trip

iPhone 6+ 060     2014-12-25 09.20.15

L: Squeezed in the van for a long drive R: The mad dash of Christmas morning

This was the first time our whole family was able to travel up there at Christmastime. And nearly all my family there was able to attend (We missed you Uncle Reuben! Come see us anytime)

iPhone 6+ 112     2014-12-30 13.11.22

Playing with Christmas gifts. Thanks Everyone!

2014-12-30 12.38.12     iPhone 6+ 092

L: We got to finally meet our gorgeous smiley little nephew…Hudson Alexander aka Mr. Bacon. He is such a good dolly child. Congratulations to Dave, Tanya and doggie sis, Jax on your new addition

R: I have a picture of each of my kids with Grandpa’s noise reducing head gear on. This time it was Brecks turn to play with them. I think they are for flight controllers. Grandpa uses them for peace and quiet 🙂

2014-12-26 12.55.44     2014-12-26 13.24.58

Skating and uhhhh, napping

2014-12-29 14.58.38

Walking to Burnaby Lake Regional Park to see the ducks on a very cold day

2014-12-29 15.04.04


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