Family Fun Adventure: Ostrich Farm, Solvang, CA

2014-11-01 14.09.51

Hey there Everyone, today’s Family Fun Adventure is our outing to OstrichLand USA in Solvang, CA. On this occasion we just took the littles, since it wouldn’t have been too exciting for our older kids. But, it really depends on the interests of the child. Ok, on with the details…cost of visiting with the emus and ostriches is $4.oo for ages 13+ and $1.oo ages 12 on down. Each bowl of feed is $1.oo. There is a picnic table and some other seating, quite small and cute. Think someone’s backyard patio. Not sure if they allow you to bring your own snacks. There is a gift store and they sell cold drinks but I didn’t notice if there were snacks for sale though. Pretty simple, pay at the gift shop and go through it to see the animals out the back door.

2014-11-01 14.12.23

We had an awesome day for our visit, it had been raining in the morning, so it was nice and cool with beautiful skies to enjoy. I’d imagine it would be quite hot and dusty normally, as per usual for California. We started by walking around the farm and checking out the different animal pens with them divided by age groups. It was actually very nice that they had them in the different sizes, because there was different heights for the feeding spots. Therefore it was easier for the little kids to feed the shorter birds and they could handle it on their own

2014-11-02 14.40.27

I was so impressed he actually was posing for Daddy taking the pictures. LOVE the Hubbs new camera on his phone! He always gets the good ones 🙂

2014-11-01 14.20.27    2014-11-01 14.20.22

See, perfect height for a small turkey to feed the big birds

2014-11-01 14.13.48     2014-11-01 14.15.24

He only needed the tiniest bit of help. These birds at the end (Left picture) were actually adults and even though the feeding spot was low, the heads sticking though were at times inches away from the little guys faces. They do warn that the birds will bite, so I just helped him back up a bit. None of the birds bit or even tried biting the kids, but you can feel how powerful they are pecking in the food bowls

2014-11-01 14.15.00

Azure is such an adventurous boy and loved this nice surprise of visiting the farm, plus he’s always talking about when he gets his own chickens, rabbits, cats…’What shall I name them?’ And this place believe it or not, I had absolutely no idea it was there! Which is saying something, since I’ve spent a lot of time researching and making running lists of fun or interesting places to visit. It was a treat to that the Hubbs suggested this place and it was a great little place to visit

2014-11-01 14.17.20     2014-11-01 14.05.54

I was concerned the kids wouldn’t be able to hang on to the feeding trays on their own with those strong pecks, but they did very well leaning them on the fences. In the end I was more worried about them tripping and dumping it on the floor while running from one enclosure to the next

2014-11-01 14.20.42      2014-11-01 14.18.44

We ended up being persuaded to run back for an extra bowl of feed and hung around to feed the birds and visit for about half an hour. This little farm was very cute for little kids and I certainly recommend stopping by if you are driving through or in the area. I would not recommend this place for a long visit, as there is not much else to do other than feed the birds

2014-11-01 14.08.09

I hope you enjoyed this family fun adventure and be sure to like and pin it to pinterest so other people can hear about this great little farm

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Here is the farm website:


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