Legoland California Photo Round Up


Since our membership to LEGOLAND California is coming to a close, I thought I ‘d post a bunch of pictures of a few of the many awesome creations at the park for your viewing pleasure. Sit back and imagine planning your future trip. (*Disclaimer: I am not all affiliated with LEGOLAND and have not received any compensation for writing this post. All opinions and pictures are my own)

IMG_20140207_023602    IMG_20140207_023629

L: My handsome family in front of Miniland R: Uhuh, raise your hand if that has ever been you?

IMG_20140207_023545     IMG_20140207_023126

The smallest boy getting his lego play on

IMG_20140207_023208     IMG_20140207_023141

Kids racing their lego creations

IMG_20140207_023050     IMG_20140207_023035

IMG_20140207_022833     IMG_20140207_022820

Star Wars display at Miniland

IMG_20140207_021756     IMG_20140207_021818

Lots of life sized creations for posing with

IMG_20140207_022727      IMG_20140207_022916

Each time we visit we try to go on a new ride. The lines can be SO long, its difficult for a five year old to wait for 45-60 minutes at a time.

 IMG_20140207_022706     IMG_20140207_022650

They have fun seasonal activities like Trick or Treating at Halloween, Fireworks and a Christmas display and Snow Days

IMG_20140207_022632     IMG_20140207_022522

Super fun play areas for Little people.

IMG_20140207_022506     IMG_20140207_022407

IMG_20140207_022428     IMG_20140207_021739

IMG_20140207_022329     IMG_20140207_022314

IMG_20140207_022214     IMG_20140207_022157

IMG_20140207_021725      IMG_20140207_021705

My almost 3 and 5 year old LOVE this place. It is included in the annual pass and is a cute smallish aquarium. I don’t know that I’d pay full price to visit it, but its been a great add on and you can get through the place without the kids getting bored.

IMG_20140207_021649     IMG_20140207_021632

Tide pool and large tanks

IMG_20140207_021444     IMG_20140207_021359

Viewing fish up close

IMG_20140207_021613     IMG_20140207_021555

IMG_20140207_021538     IMG_20140207_021515

We have certainly enjoyed all the great visits to this park and would totally suggest it to visitors with children ages 5-10 years that would get the most out of the park in my opinion. There is also a small water park that is included in the annual membership that we only visited once as its not open during the whole year. Keep in mind like most touristy attractions this place can be, ok well, its always crowded! Except the one day where it rained buckets, you have to wait in long lines to ride. Hope you enjoyed seeing a few more pictures of this fun park.

Here is a link to pinterest for saving the pictures


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