Memory Keeper: This Week in November

2014-11-15 17.54.45

Our Memory Keeper for November begins with these two happy faces at the park on the beach

IMG_20141020_221445    IMG_20141020_221335

I must admit I’ve been a bit of a slacker when it comes to the pumpkin carving scene in recent years. This year I decided to set that right, take the plunge and give into the mess. The trouble with carving pumpkins with little kids is that I end up doing all the work! I cut off the tops and made them scoop out the insides. Who knew they would hate it! Azure pretty much made a gross face the whole time he was getting the seeds out and Brecks refused to scoop his out. So, yup, more of Mom’s help. And then I had to cut the faces, at least Azure got to design his own face and tell me how he wanted it. Maybe, this isn’t as high on the Autumn fun list as I thought and we should skip a few years

2014-10-26 13.52.09

And we finally made it to a pumpkin patch as well. I haven’t really found any awesome ones around here for free, so we haven’t been since we’ve lived here. This year I really wanted to try one. Which we did and it was so-so in the fun/interesting department with very expensive pumpkins. But, the  kids had a few minutes of fun wandering around and fighting over pulling the wagon

2014-10-26 13.58.36     2014-10-26 13.57.10

2014-10-26 13.59.14     2014-10-26 13.52.31

Such pretty colors!

2014-10-26 20.33.33

Haha, he saw the cow cut out and ran straight to ‘milk’ it and thought it was hilarious. Thankfully Daddy snapped a picture

IMG_20141026_210139     IMG_20141026_210214

2014-11-01 17.47.37     IMG_20141031_184007

For Halloween Azure went as a fireman and Brecks refused to dress up and wear his little dragon outfit, though he did put it on for Daddy a couple days later

IMG_20141103_093806     IMG_20141110_103130

And my latest homemade project…kombucha. Which is a fermented tea that is filled with probiotics that is good for gut health L: A picture of when I first started it R: A week into the brewing process and it looks great! and weird! But, its awesome good for your health. I decided to let my batch continue brewing for a month as I wanted it to have a really good thick layer of jelly, called a scoby, its currently on week 2 so I will have an update at a later date. This is my first time making this, so not sure how it will turn out, I’ll keep ya’ll posted

IMG_20141014_114759     IMG_20141107_165602

L: My little helper when all the big kids are at school, making pumpkin muffins for breakfast R: This year we made a ‘Thankfulness tree’. Super simply its a bunch of branches in a container with little tags of things you are thankful for written down and hung on the tree.

In the last few years I’ve tried adding more and more to our family traditions. Some of them stick and some don’t, but I’ve tried to be more intentional with them. I want my kids to think back years from now and say, ‘Remember when we use to do that’ A couple we’ve done in case you’re interested are: a Celebration of our family, we chose mid way through the year between Dad and Mom’s birthdays, so far we’ve just celebrated with a cookout for this, Valentine’s Day special breakfast, yearly trips to spend with family out of state, Christmas Dinner on Christmas Eve, I never liked having the gift giving on the same day as all the cooking. We end the day with opening stockings, which are pretty much just snacky treats in our family. This year I added/will add a ‘Thankfulness tree’ and unwrapping a Christmas book every evening instead of an advent calendar. I started collecting this right after Christmas last year and within 3 trips to thrift stores and using paperbackswap (online book trading site) easily came up with the 24 books needed. I love the idea of Elf on a Shelf too, but don’t know if I have the commitment to get it done every evening. Though I bet my big boys would love to help out with it. I can imagine the silly things they will come up with

Here are some inspiration links for thankfulness trees: (we did this one) (and a fancier one)


After visiting the Ostrich farm (see here: Azure and I wandered around downtown Solvang, California for a few hours. Solvang is a little town that’s set up like a European village where they sell European treats, merchandise and baked goods among all the regular shops. It’s a super expensive touristy area, but since we were in the area we enjoyed a nice stroll around town.

20141101_151235     20141101_151207    20141101_145934

Of course he sweet talked a treat out of me… a chocolate chip croissant


He was kinda of a funny bunny about the rare light rain we had that day. He kept complaining about it and wanted to take cover. Being a Vancouverite myself, uhuh didn’t hardly notice the drizzle. Ok, at some point it was a coming down a bit hard and we didn’t have proper jackets on. Anyway, we spent some time at a little park with a bandstand and a statue of Hans Christian Andersen waiting for Daddy to come get us

Hope you all are enjoying a wonderful season of Thanksgiving



Memory Keeper: This Week in October


Sorry my Memory Keeper posts are few and far between…but in order to maintain the ‘fun factor’ in posting to the blog I don’t stress or get too down on myself when I get behind…and so here we have some pictures of our family happenings for the month of October

IMG_20141025_163428     IMG_0256

So this happened! We had the awesome experience of doing our first mud run at the end of October at the MuckFest, a 5K fundraiser for MS

IMG_0261     IMG_0237

It was such fun and we got to team up and run with a bunch of Hubbs work colleagues. His company sponsored the employees and then friends and family signed up to run with them. I’m so glad they choose a charity fundraiser event and we had the best time doing this together. It was so weird to not have the kids with us and we kept commenting to each other ‘The kids would love this’ or ‘Azure could totally walk/jog this course (slowly, and walk around the difficult obstacles)’  Definitely want to sign the kids up for something like this next year

68986_10153216725980130_416215793445897772_n[1]   10421592_10153216727155130_8606698554201826115_n[1]

And Hubbs got to go overnight fishing with some buddies

IMG_0155     IMG_0137

He got to enjoy a little time away from home and we got to taste the catch. Delicious rock fish!

IMG_20141104_101712     IMG-20140825-WA0001

L: Azure got to participle in his own fun run school fundraiser too. They switched it up this year, instead of just running, they had different exercise activities that the kids rotated through. Some of the fun was: relay races, zumba dancing, tae kwan do, hula loops, etc.R: And a picture of the funnies Daddy took while I was away in Florida

IMG_20141107_161708     IMG_20141031_154818

This guy continuing to love drawing and making pictures for friends

IMG_20141113_090921     2014-10-31 17.07.22

L: This little monkey starting his K5 school books in the mornings R: These sillys enjoying free kids Jamba Juices on Halloween

Hope you are enjoying a beautiful and blessing filled Fall!

Family Fun Adventure: Ostrich Farm, Solvang, CA

2014-11-01 14.09.51

Hey there Everyone, today’s Family Fun Adventure is our outing to OstrichLand USA in Solvang, CA. On this occasion we just took the littles, since it wouldn’t have been too exciting for our older kids. But, it really depends on the interests of the child. Ok, on with the details…cost of visiting with the emus and ostriches is $4.oo for ages 13+ and $1.oo ages 12 on down. Each bowl of feed is $1.oo. There is a picnic table and some other seating, quite small and cute. Think someone’s backyard patio. Not sure if they allow you to bring your own snacks. There is a gift store and they sell cold drinks but I didn’t notice if there were snacks for sale though. Pretty simple, pay at the gift shop and go through it to see the animals out the back door.

2014-11-01 14.12.23

We had an awesome day for our visit, it had been raining in the morning, so it was nice and cool with beautiful skies to enjoy. I’d imagine it would be quite hot and dusty normally, as per usual for California. We started by walking around the farm and checking out the different animal pens with them divided by age groups. It was actually very nice that they had them in the different sizes, because there was different heights for the feeding spots. Therefore it was easier for the little kids to feed the shorter birds and they could handle it on their own

2014-11-02 14.40.27

I was so impressed he actually was posing for Daddy taking the pictures. LOVE the Hubbs new camera on his phone! He always gets the good ones 🙂

2014-11-01 14.20.27    2014-11-01 14.20.22

See, perfect height for a small turkey to feed the big birds

2014-11-01 14.13.48     2014-11-01 14.15.24

He only needed the tiniest bit of help. These birds at the end (Left picture) were actually adults and even though the feeding spot was low, the heads sticking though were at times inches away from the little guys faces. They do warn that the birds will bite, so I just helped him back up a bit. None of the birds bit or even tried biting the kids, but you can feel how powerful they are pecking in the food bowls

2014-11-01 14.15.00

Azure is such an adventurous boy and loved this nice surprise of visiting the farm, plus he’s always talking about when he gets his own chickens, rabbits, cats…’What shall I name them?’ And this place believe it or not, I had absolutely no idea it was there! Which is saying something, since I’ve spent a lot of time researching and making running lists of fun or interesting places to visit. It was a treat to that the Hubbs suggested this place and it was a great little place to visit

2014-11-01 14.17.20     2014-11-01 14.05.54

I was concerned the kids wouldn’t be able to hang on to the feeding trays on their own with those strong pecks, but they did very well leaning them on the fences. In the end I was more worried about them tripping and dumping it on the floor while running from one enclosure to the next

2014-11-01 14.20.42      2014-11-01 14.18.44

We ended up being persuaded to run back for an extra bowl of feed and hung around to feed the birds and visit for about half an hour. This little farm was very cute for little kids and I certainly recommend stopping by if you are driving through or in the area. I would not recommend this place for a long visit, as there is not much else to do other than feed the birds

2014-11-01 14.08.09

I hope you enjoyed this family fun adventure and be sure to like and pin it to pinterest so other people can hear about this great little farm

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Here is the farm website:

Legoland California Photo Round Up


Since our membership to LEGOLAND California is coming to a close, I thought I ‘d post a bunch of pictures of a few of the many awesome creations at the park for your viewing pleasure. Sit back and imagine planning your future trip. (*Disclaimer: I am not all affiliated with LEGOLAND and have not received any compensation for writing this post. All opinions and pictures are my own)

IMG_20140207_023602    IMG_20140207_023629

L: My handsome family in front of Miniland R: Uhuh, raise your hand if that has ever been you?

IMG_20140207_023545     IMG_20140207_023126

The smallest boy getting his lego play on

IMG_20140207_023208     IMG_20140207_023141

Kids racing their lego creations

IMG_20140207_023050     IMG_20140207_023035

IMG_20140207_022833     IMG_20140207_022820

Star Wars display at Miniland

IMG_20140207_021756     IMG_20140207_021818

Lots of life sized creations for posing with

IMG_20140207_022727      IMG_20140207_022916

Each time we visit we try to go on a new ride. The lines can be SO long, its difficult for a five year old to wait for 45-60 minutes at a time.

 IMG_20140207_022706     IMG_20140207_022650

They have fun seasonal activities like Trick or Treating at Halloween, Fireworks and a Christmas display and Snow Days

IMG_20140207_022632     IMG_20140207_022522

Super fun play areas for Little people.

IMG_20140207_022506     IMG_20140207_022407

IMG_20140207_022428     IMG_20140207_021739

IMG_20140207_022329     IMG_20140207_022314

IMG_20140207_022214     IMG_20140207_022157

IMG_20140207_021725      IMG_20140207_021705

My almost 3 and 5 year old LOVE this place. It is included in the annual pass and is a cute smallish aquarium. I don’t know that I’d pay full price to visit it, but its been a great add on and you can get through the place without the kids getting bored.

IMG_20140207_021649     IMG_20140207_021632

Tide pool and large tanks

IMG_20140207_021444     IMG_20140207_021359

Viewing fish up close

IMG_20140207_021613     IMG_20140207_021555

IMG_20140207_021538     IMG_20140207_021515

We have certainly enjoyed all the great visits to this park and would totally suggest it to visitors with children ages 5-10 years that would get the most out of the park in my opinion. There is also a small water park that is included in the annual membership that we only visited once as its not open during the whole year. Keep in mind like most touristy attractions this place can be, ok well, its always crowded! Except the one day where it rained buckets, you have to wait in long lines to ride. Hope you enjoyed seeing a few more pictures of this fun park.

Here is a link to pinterest for saving the pictures