Memory Keeper: This Week In September


Hi there Lovelies!

I hope you are comfortably back in the swing of school and enjoying the summery weather. We have all been sick with weirdly timed coughs this year and are just starting to get over them now. I blame back to school! Azure got it first and spread it right along. As a result the kids have greatly missed out on the unseasonably hot weather to use for swimming. Hopefully we’ll get a few more weeks of this weather in before it cools down for the year. We have been taking it easy on the activities and have been focusing on getting everyone better, so not much to share this month in way of photos and adventures. Here are some of the few I did take.

IMG_20140909_092609     IMG_20140909_102025

This little turkey has been getting consistent learning time nearly every morning due to me having to take him with me to drop off Azure, therefore he is awake, fed and ready for a bit of preschool learning first thing in the morning. And he also takes selfies 🙂

IMG_20140905_211035     IMG_20140922_151827

Smiley here, has been doing well at his scholastics in first grade and is adjusting to his new class. He still adores his kindergarten teacher and hugs and says hi to her when leaving school. His reading has greatly improved as well over the summer. Hooray! And thank God, he LOVES books (like the rest of his big brothers) and is MAD about science! Every week he brings home science books from his classroom and the library. Yesterday he tells me, ‘Anything with the word science in it makes me happy’! Any hands on science activities or resource ideas parents, please pass them along

IMG_20140905_170639     IMG_20140905_210804

Glad these two are friends…most of the time anyways

IMG_20140918_065538     IMG_20140910_103215

L: Taking advantage of Daddy being away to get extra snuggles by sleeping with Mom R: Spending a lot more time with Mom since all the brothers started school

IMG_20140924_140039     IMG_20140924_141251

L: First house he built all on his own R: First time he wrote his name on his own, I told him the letters though

IMG_20140916_165836     IMG_20140905_164842

This guy is at such a fun age. We can do activities together, enjoy story time and he can entertain himself! That is HUGE! He also is starting to be a big brother by tidying up, reading to and playing nicely (ok, sometimes) with littlest brother

IMG_20140926_174337     IMG_20140926_183321

L: Waiting to spar R: He won first place in his school tournament

Last week Cole participated in a multi school tournament and entered sparring. He didn’t end up winning a trophy, but we were proud of him for trying something new and he has more experience for next time

Alvin has taken up cross country running at school and has been training everyday with his team. Sorry, no pictures as he does this at school

IMG_20140929_141828     IMG_20140918_072238

L: I adapted these lentil cookies, using half the sugar, adding a few butterscotch chips, dried fruit, coconut and nuts. These cookies are really tasty with the added protein punch coming from the lentil puree, they make a perfect addition to kids lunch boxes. Original recipe:

R: There was a killer deal on pears and apples this week so I made Spiced Pear Jam and Apple Peach Jam


I’ve missed my green smoothies and whipped up this new combo of Cucumber Lettuce juice with frozen Bananas and Peaches. Delightful! Enjoy the last of summer weather everyone and Happy Fall!



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