Family Fun Adventure: Gardens of the World, Thousand Oaks, CA


We have reasonably happy, not-so-happy and definitely NOT thrilled faces on display above and that is just what comes with trying to please everyone and getting everyone to pose! You will have a wide spectrum of attitudes. We as parents do our best and everyone takes a turn being in various states of happiness or lack there of. My post today comes from a short trip to the Gardens of the World park, located in Thousand Oaks, CA. This small garden park is a perfect tranquil place for a stroll, a good book, a picnic or some quiet reflection. Which we did none of! Ha. That is very ‘us’. Usually we don’t know what to expect on a first trip somewhere, so therefore we aren’t as prepared as we should be


The park was modeled after the original owners favorite gardens of the world. There is an Italian, French, English, Japanese and California mission style gardens. You can easily make your way around and see everything fairly quickly, however that’s not really the point of this park. It’s all about slow, relaxing enjoyment. Again, I laugh inwardly, because we hurried from one area to the next, while trying to keep our preschooler out of the fountains.  We had to be a bit concerned about keeping the kids quiet and orderly for those trying to enjoy the peace and the lovely volunteer ladies had to tell our kids to not run…a few times. SO, not the best fit for our active family, but I had been wanting to visit this place for going on four years now!


There are restrooms and a large area with picnic tables. The walkways are paved and a stroller is a great way to keep toddlers contained. Too bad we forgot ours


We were told there are free concerts at the bandstand on the weekends in August. Call ahead for details


The volunteers gave the kids food to feed the fish. Small guy there was more interested in trying to swim with the fishes! That boy will take water however he can get it


Great place for taking lovely pictures. They ask that you check in with Guest services if you want to take pictures. However no one had a problem with me snapping a few quick shots


The English Rose Garden



My favorite area was the California mission garden. Olive, fig and citrus trees surrounding a beautiful Spanish  courtyard. I would definitely love to return to this garden by myself one day or with some similarly quiet grown up, until then I have these pictures to remind me of a lovely little spot in Thousand Oaks, CA.