Memory Keeper: Odds N Ends and This Week In August


Above: This guy turned 13!

This Memory Keeper post is a bit of a round up of cute photos that Hubbs had on his phone or on our real camera that I finally got around to gathering up

IMG_1445     IMG_1447

Kenyon and Cole at their 8th grade graduation! So proud of all their hard work and initiative in taking a 9th grade class for summer school. You two monkeys are AWESOME! Love, Mom (in case you happen to read this blog one day)

IMG_1434     IMG_1436

And a little ice cream to celebrate Azure’s promotion from kindergarten

IMG_1336     IMG_1067

L: Paintball party! R: Azure modeling a mask I made in lieu of cupcakes for his classmates

IMG_1209     IMG_1055

L: Tiny boy’s 3rd birthday R: Someone fell asleep while watching stuff on his dearly beloved ipad

IMG_1260     IMG_1266

Azure attending a friends roller skating birthday party. The floors were a bit too slick for this one

IMG_1073     IMG_1069

And these two nutters, well, they have discovered the Selfie!

IMG_20140811_141512     IMG_20140814_175614

And a few from this month

L: Azure made a ‘double bunk bed’ out of dining chairs and proceeded to read bedtime stories to his lil bro. He was ACTUALLY reading correctly and for FUN! Such happiness. R: Can’t get over how fast this boy is growing up. He can swim short distances on his own now and is always begging to ‘take off the floatie’ (life vest) And he’s back to crying in the morning to go to school with Azure and wants a ‘pack-pack’. I’m thinking that gathering up his homeschool stuff into a back pack might make him feel a bit better about being left behind

IMG_20140819_081659     IMG_20140819_081239

  The yearly start of school photos

L: Three High schoolers! Where did the time go? R: Azure starts 1st grade

Happy Back-To-School All!


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