Memory Keeper: This Week In May


Happy May and Happy Spring! I am loving all the spring flowers that are out and the weather, yes please. Oh yeah, Happy Blog Anniversary to me this month! One year of blogging completed. It’s been a fun way to keep a log of our days and adventures.  

IMG_20140526_094440     IMG_20140513_182835

Left: Some hydrangeas I rescued from the clearance section of the grocery store last year. We had a week of scorching weather and some of the leaves  got real toasty, on the up side there are at least 40 blooms on the plant. Right: My Valentine gardenias are blooming too. The flowers only last a couple days on the plant, but the scent is so amazing

IMG_20140516_191057     IMG_20140521_174917

Left: Azure’s photography. He keeps asking to take pictures of nature Right: Azure was impressed with this giant plant and wanted a picture in front of it

IMG_20140518_170913     IMG_20140508_122748

Left: Hiking around Rocky Hook Park in Santa Barbara Right: Eating a stack of pancakes

IMG_20140509_184606     IMG_20140521_175751

Left: Sparring Right: Demonstrating self defense. Cole tested for his red belt this month. He now has a red belt and a black uniform. So proud of him for sticking with it.

IMG_20140509_182221     IMG_20140521_175619

Left: First time he tried breaking a board with a jump side kick…he nailed it!

IMG_20140518_134545     IMG_20140525_160944

Lovely California Palm and blooming succulents on the coast

IMG_20140521_151128     IMG_20140509_114330

Hope you are enjoying a lovely spring!

Left: Sprinkler jumpers Right: Mother’s Day gift & card from my kindergartener 


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