Memory Keeper: This Week In March and April


Our last Hoorah at LEGOLAND

IMG_20140228_153447     IMG_20140302_180245

L: Battle of the Books that Cole participated in. R: A beautiful sunset that reminded me of the daily ones in the Philippines

IMG_20140317_170628     IMG_20140311_175424

L: Homemade tandoori chicken  Recipe link:

R: Kale Apple Raisin Salad

IMG_20140318_171311     IMG_20140322_183306

Loving the warm weather and celebrating with more salads and some black bean burritos

IMG_20140307_090341     IMG_20140313_150022

L: Tiny boy doing addition on Starfall site R: A plateful of snack. Green beans are his new favorite munchies

IMG_20140311_211743     IMG_20140305_065357

L: Brecks decided to not be scared of the toilet and is potty trained during the day! Thank goodness.

R: This guy snuck into our bed as I was getting up & he wanted me to take a picture

IMG_20140226_194442     IMG_20140322_193219

L: Aunt Joan sent us a couple of her wonderful story books! We LOVE them. Azure brought them to school for National Read Across America Day at school

R: Someone was SO excited about the loose tooth, he let Dad pull it with pliers!

IMG_20140307_110738      IMG_20140306_121336

L: Orange Banana Yogurt Smoothie with Chia seeds R: Banana Pear Yogurt Smoothie with Chia seeds

IMG_20140320_202232     IMG_20140320_202023

L: Azure checking out the displays at the Science Fair at his school last week R: A fish Azure’s class made for the Science Fair décor

IMG_20140320_202117      IMG_20140320_202212

L: Azure’s pastel art based on a Paul Klee R: Holding a lizard with a beautiful purple spotted tail at the Science Fair

IMG_20140327_192146     IMG_20140328_070337

Azure’s and a couple other classes performed a darling play called “Go Fish” about friendship in spite of differences. Azure was a crab.

Sorry for the bad picture, we were SO far away. He was so cute, after every song he waved to us and wiggled his second loose tooth with his finger nearly the whole time when he wasn’t singing. I couldn’t figure out what he was doing? And then he got to choose a treat!

IMG_20140325_102642     IMG_20140331_164944

L: Anyone that has littles between 2-5 yrs. should absolutely invest in a train set. We have been adding on to this one for 10 years.

R: Four snugglers on a couch in a blanket from Grammy watching a whole lot of Myth Busters this spring break.


And this little guy has been sleeping part of the night in his own bed! Hope you all enjoyed/are enjoying a lovely spring break. Have a great week.


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