Memory Keeper: This Week In February


Azure’s 6th Birthday

And I’m back! So sorry folks…too much going on! Here are a few pictures of the last of January and February happenings around here.

IMG_20140131_142803     IMG_20140131_082405

L: My birthday flowers R: This is what ‘All packed’ looks like when my middle schoolers are heading out to church camp

IMG_20140131_210253     IMG_20140131_205954

Azure busting moves at his school’s Sock Hop Hoe Down. He had a blast with his buddies.

photo 5

Cole & Ken attended a friend’s paintball birthday party. Ken had already changed by the time Hubbs got there to pick them up.

IMG_20140205_134508     IMG_20140206_210000

L: Azure taking advantage of a chilly day to wear a furry hat R: A lion mask I made for Azure to wear to school for his birthday.

I made panda and cat masks to give as favors to his classmates instead of cupcakes.

IMG_20140201_104140     IMG_20140210_114648

L: A little birthday breakfast R: I grew some potatoes in a pot on the patio.

IMG_20140216_112343     IMG_20140217_123151

L: Helping Uncle workout R: Azure having a play picnic with a picture he made for his Gpa.


And one of the tiny boy snoozing. Babies are angels when they are sleeping!

Wishing everyone lots of love, blessings and happiness this spring.










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