Family Fun Adventure: Shell Beach (Pismo Beach, CA)


The beach is such a strong part of California culture often times I don’t think about how amazing having these wonderful treasures so close at hand effects our lives and days. Looking at all the posts I’ve written about the beach or some place near the beach is quickly taking over most of our adventures. That’s ok. This distinct feature in my kids’ childhood is one that I hope they will look back on with nostalgia and hopefully, introduce the next generation to.

IMG_20140126_110211     IMG_20140126_110249

L: Azure pointing out creatures R: Can’t see real clearly, but this pool was crawling with life IMG_20140126_110310     IMG_20140126_110330

L: Navigating the crevices R: Trying to escape the handhold to explore Aqua shoes or shoes you don’t mind getting wet are needed for this adventure as the rocks are slippery. The littles needed help crossing and climbing around certain places.


Beautiful creatures in the pools. We didn’t get to stay long and weren’t dressed for a day out at the beach, which ended up being a good thing. I don’t think we could have kept the 2 year old out of the pools and therefore possibly stepping on the creatures. Our five year old was very interested and enjoyed checking things out. Five is a perfect age to explore here while being careful enough not to hurt anything. 12 year old brother was roaming the rocks and wouldn’t have minded staying longer either.


IMG_20140126_110834     IMG_20140126_111032

L: Pocketing shells R: Exploring the beach


This beach has a big cliff on one side and there are little sandy coves to relax in. I would love to come back with the Hubbs, a bottle of wine and a blanket. Just where is this magical spot you say? Shell Beach is located in Pismo Beach, CA on Shell Beach Road. We stayed the night at the Cliffs Resort (*Disclaimer: No affiliation to or compensation received for mentioning this resort) for a company party and this beach is right behind it. It is a public beach and has public access. It is one of the nicest and largest tide pools we have been to so far in this area, though I’m sure there are tons of other great ones I have no idea about! One reason why I mention our excursions here, so other people that maybe aren’t familiar with the area or just visiting can enjoy them too.  Apparently, seals birth around here, so you might be lucky enough to spot some. We didn’t see any on this day, but it was still a great little find.



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