Memory Keeper: This Week In January 2


This week I toured a high school that we hope our middle schoolers will attend in the fall. While I was very impressed and excited about the possibility of this new school, it has also hit home that my time with them as ‘kids’ is coming to a close. This last weekend we were planning a little outing and Hubbs said the big boys were too old to enjoy it. I thought, well give them a choice. Sure enough, two outta three opted out of the excursion. Gulp, sniff. I’m not ready for them to be grown up. Have I done enough to prepare them for life? Have I spent enough time with each of them? Do they feel secure, loved and supported in this family? Could they tell me anything without me freaking out or judging?

I feel I’m coming up short in my goals. While I have put a lot of effort over the years into the kids’ schooling, practical training and spiritual lives I feel the need for a shift in mentality in myself. One of my new years goals/habits is to become more intentional with my family and kids. Specifically with building relationships with each of them. When they are grown up I would love for them to WANT to visit and keep in close contact with us. Ever year seems to get more and more busy and I know fall short by simply not planning better or letting being too tired get in the way of making the absolute most of this precious time together.

On a tiny happy note, the two that stayed home texted every 1/2 hour wanting to know when we’d be home.

I would love to hear suggestions for tips on building relationships with your teens people. Don’t feel shy, please pass along your ideas 🙂

Ok, here are some photo’s from our week.

IMG_20140111_171242     IMG_20140111_171139

An evening ramble at sunset

IMG_20140111_171854     IMG_20140111_171930

Yes, I made everyone pose!

IMG_20140111_172052     IMG_20140111_172140

I really would not have any pictures of the big boys unless I made them pose

IMG_20140114_182410     IMG_20140113_181552

L: Beef & broccoli by chef Cole R: Dahl, red quinoa & a side salad by chef Kenyon

IMG_20140117_175035     IMG_20140119_145743

L: Black bean & flax burgers by chef Alvin R: Mini blueberry muffins by Mom (This was the basic recipe I used: since my kids eat a lot of homemade baked goods I always half the sugar. It makes for a lightly sweetened treat, I also skipped the streusel to make life easier and added less blueberries. I found the muffins hold together better with less)

IMG_20140111_172318     IMG_20140116_135255

L: Two goonie soon to be highschoolers! R: This little guy came home from school & asked for rice & salad for snack. Uhhh, ok then. He will literally eat non stop upon arriving home through till dinner. The afternoon is one long series of snacks

IMG_20140116_091509     IMG_20140114_175049

L: The baby has been getting used to a teeny tiny bit of school R: So glad they have each other to keep company


And a few popsicle recipes for fun

L: Pineapple Coconut milk Banana & shredded coconut (white ones) & Blueberry Banana Yogurt (purple ones)

R: Mango Pineapple Banana with a hint of Ginger (Brecks LOVED these)

Hope everyone enjoyed a fantastic week!


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