Family Fun Adventure: Oxnard Beach Park


This post brings you another park write up in the Ventura area, Oxnard Beach Park! Our kids love this park and even the older kids will play a game of tag on the equipment. The park features bbq grills, tables, a big grassy field to play ball or fly a kite, paved areas to bike, ride a scooter or walk, restrooms (kinda funky) and the beach.

IMG_20131231_160535     IMG_20131231_161827

It has a pirate ship/sea theme playground

IMG_20131231_161909     IMG_20131231_160757

Ride a Seahorse or spin in a bucket seat

IMG_20131231_160735     IMG_20131231_160655

Climb over a tunnel or conquer the head of a Sea Monster

IMG_20131231_160515     IMG_20131231_161804

What are these things called? Mini Merry-Go-Rounds and a friendly sea creature

IMG_20131231_161244     IMG_20131231_161008

A small zipline thingy and a teeter totter (they were posing for the pic, OMG, NOT playing on it)

One downside of this park is that it’s very popular and therefore very busy. In our 2 1/2 years of visiting it, this day was wonderfully empty. Amazing. If you want a table and bbq grill come early in the day and if there is no more parking, swing around into a neighborhood to find a space. If you don’t wanna deal with crowds don’t bother coming on any holidays. It’s sure to be packed. Only other con is there is no beloved wall around the play area, oh well. Another good thing is the beach only has a sprinkling of people there. Great big stretch of beach, lotsa room to for kiddies to run without disturbing other beach goers. We have never gone swimming at this beach, as there is a very strong currant so states the warning signs. But its great to explore the sand dunes or simply play in the sand.


2 thoughts on “Family Fun Adventure: Oxnard Beach Park

    • Thank you for commenting Lorraine. Unfortunately, I have no experience renting any of the BBQ spaces here. Usually, there is a number posted that you can call and reserve the day you want. Hope that helps point you in the right direction.

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