Memory Keeper: This Week In January


Another tiny learner beginning his journey

Happy New Year All! Here are a few family pictures from over the holidays. Hope you had a lovely Winter break filled with family, adventure and great memories.

IMG_20131231_162127     IMG_20131224_213236

L: Azure participated in a singing performance with his class for the parents R: Azure insisted on setting out cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer.

He also made us tidy up the living room, ‘So Santa won’t trip’. I was able to convince him the reindeers would not mind that their carrots aren’t peeled.

IMG_20131224_214002     IMG_20131225_085548

L: Christmas Eve the kids opened their stockings (treats) and put on their new pj pants I made them. Two turkeys are missing from the pic, but everyone got treats and pants 🙂 (Below is a link to make your own Childs Pajama Pants)

R: Lookie at this darling little teapot the Hubbs gave me. Isn’t he a cutie! I have been wanting a teapot for forever, but could never find one I liked out thrifting. Getting this guy has certainly helped us up our tea drinking

IMG_20140103_112438     IMG_20140103_113436

L: My big boys made me breakfast in bed one morning (I did have to wait until about 11 am!), complete with both molasses AND pineapple jam on the same pancake. Hmmm, I thanked them and appreciated the kind deed.

R: In the meantime I played teaset in bed with the little turkeys R: Azure making up an ‘order’ for me in his own spelling. I love how he tries to sound words out himself when writing

IMG_20140107_140859     IMG_20140101_161503

Pulling up our healthy socks with these smoothies

L: Plum banana spinach with a dash of sunflower seed milk (the plum & peach puree have been stashed in the freezer from the farm fresh fruit we got in the summer)

R: Peach plum banana, pure fruit goodness

Idea:  Put your extra smoothie in a plastic Ball jar with a lid or reuse any glass jar with a lid. Leave an inch head room, or your glass will crack. 30 seconds in the microwave (take the lid off) or 10 minutes on the counter and they are easy to eat

IMG_20140104_130003     IMG_20140108_111858

L: Apple chomper. I notice people comment quite often on my kids eating fruit and veg while we are out and about, anyone else get this?

R: Whipped up an extra pair of pj pants for Azure. That kid is growing like a weed. In other news, he has managed to get holes in all but one pair of his school pants?! Here is the tutorial if anyone is interested in making their own pair of pj pants:

We only have a couple of months left on our LEGOLAND passes and I have been taking a ton of pictures of the lego creations at the park. I will be posting a bunch of pictures soon for those that are interested. We are also trying to get around to all the rides we haven’t gone on yet. Last time Azure (5 years) asked to try a roller coaster, which we were happy to oblige. He is one of our ‘cautious’ kids and we were pleasantly surprised at his willingness to try something new. That wraps up our first Memory Keeper Post of the new year. Happy 2014 lovely people!


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