Memory Keeper: December Round Up


Wishing Everyone a wonderful holiday season. We have been battling seasonal sickness and other health issues galore this month, hoping you are faring much better. We have been reminded to keep in our prayers loved ones and folks we have heard of that are battling more serious illnesses. All  that to say I haven’t had much time to focus on posting. Here is a mash up for the month of December. Enjoy!

IMG_20131213_090935     IMG_20131216_083540

L: Our silver & red tree with some felt ornaments R: A succulent planter for Azure’s teacher

IMG_20131208_131936     IMG_20131203_071624

L: Special delivery for a sicky person…me! R: A sleeping babe

IMG_20131128_165928     IMG_20131030_085846

L: Dutch Apple Pie made with handpicked orchard apples R: Homemade pineapple and mixed berry jams

IMG_20131213_091234     IMG_20131223_094412

L: We CAN’T wait for Christmas! Azure is beside himself with excitement. R: Kids ‘camping’ in their new tent

IMG_20131206_132535     IMG_20131221_101945

L: A Little Ninja stuffie Cole made with the sewing machine R: The Christmas movies have begun

IMG_20131207_133001     IMG_20131207_132755

LEGOLAND in the rain. Turns out it was a good thing, cause there were the shortest lines we have encountered at the park 🙂

IMG_20131207_133329     IMG_20131207_133233

L: Azure enjoying the snow play area R: Giant lego trees

IMG_20131207_133438     IMG_20131207_133359

L: Azure as a ‘mummy’ R: Brecks getting his duplo on

IMG_20131207_133603     IMG_20131207_133520

L: Azure with a reindeer R: Azure & Mr. Claus

IMG_20131222_100919     IMG_20131220_164402

L: Santa pancakes with whipped cream and raspberries R: A California snowman named ‘Toasty’

Many happy thoughts and best wishes for a prosperous  new year!


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