Family Fun Adventure: Tomol Interpretive Play Area


Hello Lovelies,

Lately we have been sticking close to home for our mini adventures and here is one from November 2013. The Tomol Interpretive Play Area in Carpinteria, California which is between Santa Barbara and Ventura. Short off topic note here: Raise your hand if you consult Trip Advisor? I know I do! All. The. Time. In fact I do nearly every time I venture out into new territory. With a bunch of kids to consider, I like to be as prepared as I can. All that said, for the first time today I contributed a write up! Funny, I never thought to before even though I use it all the time. Just putting a little bug in your brain in case you’d like to pay the favor of information forward. Different people have different perspectives and its always helpful to gather as much as you can before hand.

IMG_1097     IMG_1094

Mostly I’ll let the pictures do the talking, but this is a great little park right up the street (walking distance) from Carpinteria State Beach on Linden Ave. It’s got my favorite feature…it’s mostly enclosed! The play area is small enough that you can easily keep track of the kiddies and it’s got a bunch of fun unique features . PS: My ‘baby’ was asleep when these pictures were taken

IMG_1101     IMG_1100

This play area incorporates some of the highlights of a native Chumash Indian settlement. Think ‘a village as a playground’

IMG_1102     IMG_1095

Viewing some ‘wildlife’ and using the crazy uncomfortable roller slide. The kids absolutely LOVE it!

IMG_1107     IMG_1106

Huts showing the various stages of being built

IMG_1112     IMG_1114

Also to be used as a climbing structure and a little log walk in the large grassy field adjacent to the park

IMG_1104     IMG_1099

A  ‘waterfall’ slide and a ‘rock’ tunnel.

My two littles ages 2 and 5 are huge fans of this play area, it is very well kept and landscaped. There is plenty of seating for the big people and its a place where you can go and spend a few hours easily. It is beside some train tracks, but its completely fenced in on that side with lots of plants covering it. I would not have noticed this being a problem since my kids are train fanatics, but I did hear comments about some children being frightened of the loud trains going by. There are places to buy food and snacks across the street and bathroom facilities down towards the beach within walking distance and right beside the park is Carpinteria State Beach Campground. So if you find yourself in Carpinteria with a few hours to burn definitely stop by this great park. What are some of the more interesting parks in your area? Consider writing them up and posting to pinterest! I am increasing looking there for adventure ideas, so maybe others are too. Have a blessed and safe holidays everyone.


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