DIY Idea: Felt Christmas Ornaments


Here is a quick little idea to continue on with the ‘Handmade Christmas’ Series: Felt Ornaments! I love working with felt, no turning seams. This is a project that is easily begun and finished quickly. Nice when you only have small bits of time to work on something crafty. This is just an idea post and you can run with your own creativity. Have fun!

IMG_20131202_123818   IMG_20131202_123726

Beaded Penguin came from a pinterest search (can’t find the link now) and added my own twist to it.

Little girl inspiration:

IMG_20131202_123658     IMG_20131202_123629

Scotty Dog inspiration and Coffee Cup came from a quick pinterest search and then made it up from there

IMG_20131202_123557      IMG_20131202_123842

Frosty the Snowman inspiration:

Below are some that I’ve made years ago! Since its Christmas and they are making their appearance I  thought I’d add them into this post.

IMG_20131202_135837     IMG_20131202_135905

IMG_20131202_135950     IMG_20131202_140020

IMG_20131202_140040     IMG_20131202_140105

IMG_20131202_140200     IMG_20131202_140310

Have fun with this simple and quick holiday project to add a little handmade to your holidays this year.


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