Memory Keeper: October & November


Azure as a ‘Superhero Ninja’ for Halloween

Hi there Everyone,

Sorry I’ve been slacking on the Memory Keeper updates. While we have been busy, nothing too interesting to be sharing. Here are a few pictures of the kids from the last couple of weeks.

IMG_20131108_150148     IMG_20131124_192737

A couple of the tiniest cutie

20131026_113432     IMG_20131126_154217

L: Azure riding ‘Fairytale Boat ride’ at LEGOLAND

R: Azure enjoyed a Thanksgiving ‘feast’ on the last day of school before break


Hanging out at Goleta Beach the day before Thanksgiving. Yes, there was a few grumpy faces by this time.

It was starting to get windy and well, Brecks never likes to pose

IMG_20131127_152039     IMG_20131127_154012

L: Played Pictionary in the sand for 45 minutes with my boys

R: Brecks and Alvin were the sand diggers of the day. Digging holes with our new shovels

Hope everyone had a fun filled school  break and holidays. What did you guys do?


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