DIY Tutorial: The Gin Pillow


Here is another idea for the pillow posts. Enter the ‘Gin Pillow’ that I made as a birthday gift for a friend. It is kinda cute and comforting looking, playful and a bit girlie. Since I had a bit of input on this one in regards to the colors green and neutral and the love of patch work, this is what I came up with. I think it came out quite nicely. Alrighty then, here goes…

Items Needed for this Project: (All these Items were upcycled clothing, so it was FREE!)

12 6×6 inch green squares

12 6×6 inch neutral squares

24 3 inch hearts of jersey knit fabric

A pillow form or stuffing

Sewing machine and thread


Step 1: Design your pattern and cut out your pieces


Step 2 & 3: Lay everything out in the pattern you chose just to double check that you like it. Using a zig zag stitch on your machine sew on your heart shapes.


Step 4: Sew your patches together in strips


Step 5 & 6: Now join all the strips together to form two rectangles. Join the two rectangles together by sewing three sides closed. Sew the fourth side about 3/4 of the way shut, fill with stuffing and hand sew the remaining opening closed.


Step 7: Admire your creation!

By far the most time consuming part of this pillow was sewing on the hearts! The rest of it was really quick and easy.


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