Family Fun Adventure: San Diego Zoo Safari Park


Hey Lovelies! We spent a Sunday at the Safari Park in San Diego last month and thought I’d do a little write up of our experience at another great California park.

Family Fun Adventure: Visit the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. We started off our adventure by spending the night at a hotel in Escondido which really upped the ‘fun factor’ for the kids. The complimentary breakfast, eating all the ice they wanted from the ice machine, watching Animal Planet and jumping on the beds made for simple fun for the monkeys. Our hotel had a free pamphlet that offered $5.00 off coupons to the park. I also heard that AAA members get 10% off park tickets as well.

We arrived at the park at about 9:30 and soon met up with friends, Phil, Timna and daughter Katie, who kindly played tour guides to us first time visitors to the park. It wasn’t too crowded and we didn’t feel like we were in a ‘people jam’ while walking around, which made the day much more relaxing.

We chose to visit the park in October as it is Kids Free month.

IMG_1018     IMG_1081

I enjoyed this park more than I expected. It was really kid friendly and fun without being too big and overwhelming. The kids were able to see plenty of animals close up.


Enjoying the African Tram Ride

IMG_1052     IMG_1063

IMG_1067     IMG_1055

Photo Credits: Cole Alcasas

The above pictures were taken on the African Tram Safari. We did have to pay for the kids to ride the tram, but it was a great educational tour that lasted about 30 minutes and we got to rest while still enjoying the sights of the park. The tram driver pointed out the different animals while speaking on the importance of conservation and was able to tell us a little of the history of some of the animals and their habitats.

My favorite thing about the park were all these little interactive spots for kids.

IMG_1040     IMG_1032

L: Pretend to be a turtle R: Hop on the lily pads

IMG_1083     IMG_1038

L: Hang like a bat R: Feed, ahhh, chase the ducks

IMG_20131020_110057     IMG_20131020_105959

L: A baby weaver bird R: A chick waiting to hatch

IMG_20131020_115709     IMG_1027

L: Waiting for the bird show to begin R: Riding the carousel

Some of the other attractions/things to do included a Flightline Safari riding a 2/3 mile zip line, Jungle Rope Safari walking on rope course above the ground, Behind the Scenes Safari in a guided cart to visit the keeper areas, Caravan Safari driving into the enclosures to meet some of the wildlife close up, Roar & Snore Safari where you can sleep at the park,  a Lemur Walk (free) where you walk through the lemurs enclosure, Cheetah Run (free)at certain times you can see a cheetah sprint, a Balloon View where you are brought up in a giant balloon to view the park from a different perspective and there is a Tiger Safari opening soon. We did not try any of the added paid activities so I can not comment on them. But, some of them certainly sound fun and there is something for every level of adventure.

Overall we enjoyed a great day of leisurely walking through this beautiful park, hanging out with friends made it extra fun for all. In spite of it being  a really hot sunny day, all the vegetation kept the park very cool and pleasant. It was fun that there were a couple of spray park areas for kiddies to cool off in, so bring a change of clothes cause your littles will want to get wet. There is also a well thought out, shaded and mostly enclosed playground area with restrooms, picnic tables and food vendors. I LOVE enclosed playgrounds for little kids, ain’t no one wanna be stressed with your kids possibly wandering off the entire time. We brought our own lunch/snacks and refilled on cold water at the vendors to save a little on costs. We were happy to finally have made it to visit this park and it was a great success especially for our 2 1/2 and 5 year old’s.

Any California readers out there care to add their experience  and comment about this park? We’d love to hear it.


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