Memory Keeper: This Week In October 2


Memory Keeper: This Week In October 2

Hi there dear family and friends,

Sorry for the late posting. Life has been running away with me during the last few weeks. Having all five monkeys home all day, everyday this week for fall break has been a marathon. Anyhoooooo, here is a little catch up from a couple weeks ago and I’ll be posting last week’s Memory Keeper soon. On a teeny tiny happy note, I’m getting more visits to the blog and people are pinning my projects regularly every week. I use the blog as a creative outlet and to record our memories, but it IS nice to see other people enjoying it as well. Here is a link to my projects on pinterest since a friend was asking about smoothie recipes for a quick reference.

IMG_20131018_105021 IMG_20131018_105148

L: Waiting to run with his classmates R: Running the ‘maze’ at school

IMG_20131018_105240 IMG_20131018_104818

L: What’s running without drama. SO tired Mom! R: Cooling down

Azure’s school had a Fun Run that he was able to participate in. He had a great time running and was happy to learn there was a popsicle at the end of it. I was a bit concerned he wouldn’t understand that it wasn’t a race and would be either too rough or too sad that he didn’t ‘win’. No worries, it was SO hot outside and there were SO many kids running that he was just happy to get through it.

IMG_20131011_174626      IMG_20131014_183935

L: Sweet Potato Fries R: Stuffed Acorn Squash

I’ve been trying out some new fall feeling recipes, using produce that has been on sale. The kids were happy to see their old friend the Sweet Potato Fries make an appearance. When we lived on the island of Mindoro, in the Philippines, we made Camote (Yam) chips as a treat. This stuffed squash recipe was really a find, as most in our family do not like pumpkins/winter squashes as savory dishes. I always tweak recipes or substitute with something I have on hand but here is the acorn squash recipe I based this dish on

IMG_20131013_091512      IMG_20131016_181927

L: Crepes stuffed with roasted almond butter, chocolate hazelnut spread, topped with farm fresh strawberries R: Chicken Enchilada Soup

Biggest monkey had a birthday and I made a treat breakfast of crepes. Everyone had their choice of toppings, the above was my combo idea. It was DEE-licious! I am always on the look out for a tasty new soup recipe. Again, I tweaked the recipe to fit our needs, leaving out the cheese and milk. I also baked bone in, skinned chicken thighs and legs saving the meat for the soup and using the bones for the chicken stock, instead of chicken breasts


* Disclaimer: I have not received any compensation of any kind for writing this post. All the thoughts and opinions are my own.

Here is a little gift I ordered from Teresa at Copper Lane Designs from her esty store I have seen the idea of using pennies and the ‘Lucky Us’ quote on a keychain. I thought it would make a useful gift for the Hubbs. I raided/traded from my five year old’s piggy bank for the pennies in the years I needed. I chose the year we met, married and the year each of our kids were born in. Amazingly I found all the ones I needed. Since I had absolutely no clue about drilling through metal, nor the tool to use, I quickly priced the basic idea of what I wanted on esty.

Teresa was lovely to work with to incorporate my rather large collection of pennies and I was glad to support an American based entrepreneur. I mailed Teresa the pennies and she very quickly got my order made and sent back to me all polished up for a super reasonable price. I was really happy with the esty route, Teresa was great, her pricing fabulous and I got a meaningful keepsake for a gift.

Previously, I thought esty was a rather expensive route, since handcrafted is way more costly than mass produced. This project however proved to be within my frugal budget and since I was working with the creator, it made me feel excited about the project and got to enjoy the ‘fun factor’ of crafting too. So, a word to the non-crafters, or maybe a craft that is beyond you people, working with a craft person to create something is definitely a fun way to go.

IMG_20131016_105307 IMG_20131016_104800

IMG_20131016_104619 IMG_20131016_105203

Here are a few pics of the tiny cutie. I hang out with this guy a lot these days and thought I’d try to get a couple nice fall pictures of him. Brecks is REALLY not a poser and he doesn’t understand bribery yet either. So basically I just turn him lose and run around chasing him. Of course on this particular day that I got him all dressed up, the sprinklers were on. Yup, the photo session lasted only a few minutes before the subject was a soaking, but happy mess. The little guy is pretty bored since Azure started school, I didn’t have the heart to pull him away from the water. And that concludes our week. Hope yours was filled with everyday happy memories.


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