Memory Keeper: This Week In October


Yup, yup, those two are back at the beach waiting for the big monkeys to finish kayaking around the harbor last weekend


We NEED a consolation prize for not being able to ride with the bog boys

IMG_20131006_150815     IMG_20131006_153045

Family Fun Adventure: Rent or borrow kayaks and paddle around the harbor, a lake or river near you. The boys had great fun paddling around in the sunshine, checking out all the boats & seal spotting. This is something I want to take up as a hobby once I have more free time. I’m dying to explore around the Channel Islands one day and camp there

IMG_20131006_152959     IMG_20131006_152921

While big boys did their thing, Dad, Mom and company walked down the boardwalk. We wandered down to the observation deck hoping to get a nice view of the harbor, but due to the banana boat shut downs at the parks, it was closed and locked up. Boo! The kids had to settle for a picture on some little sea creatures instead

IMG_20131004_170450     IMG_20131004_115040

In other pictures, Brecks getting to be quite the big boy! More adventure = more trouble. And that boy knows where to find it!

IMG_20131009_093631     IMG_20131004_180200

He snagged a bowl of pizza topping: Raw Zucchini. Yum, I guess?   Biggest brother Alvin made loads of homemade pizza for dinner that night. Great Job Alvin!


The promised shot of the big boy off to the Homecoming Dance

IMG_0600     IMG_0583

Hubbs took the kids on Go-Karts and Bumper Boats in lieu of a friend that wanted to take them, but was sick.

IMG_20131004_103223      IMG_20131007_171616

A tiny bit of crafting going on. I finished the older boys Christmas pajama pants

and worked on a Reversible Book Envelope for Azure’s school library books.

IMG_20131004_133023      IMG_20131002_175223

L: Apple & carrot juice, banana, frozen strawberries & yogurt smoothie R: Apple & carrot juice, with frozen pears & yogurt. The kids happily snorked both these delicious combos

That was our adventures this week, what did your look like?


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