DIY Tutorial: Reversible Book Envelope


Here is a little project I whipped up for Azure to keep his school library books clean and hopefully serve as a barrier for all the other mess that floats around in the backpack.

Cost of Project and Items Needed:

Free: 60 3″ squares (leftover fabric)

Free: 34″ x 14″ fabric (leftover from another project)

Free: Fabric paint and paint brush (optional)

Free: Thread and sewing machine

Total Cost of Project: Free, Free, Free. Awesome!


Step 1: Cut 30 3″ squares of 2 different fabrics. I chose a couple of different doggie prints that were leftover from another project. Feel free to use whatever you like and you can certainly use more than just two fabrics.


Step 2: Alternate your fabrics to make a mini looking patchwork blanket. I went with 6 3″ squares across and 10 3″ squares long.

Step 3: Tack your mini patchwork blanket on to your solid fabric with a running stitch or pins. If you are dealing with a pattern that has a top and bottom make sure you take that into consideration when figuring out your design.

Step 4: Next make sure your outside fabrics are facing inside and sew three sides together. Leave one side open so that you can turn it right side out.


Step 5: I chose to add the words ‘I (heart) Books’ to one side of the envelope so I first placed a piece of cardboard inside the sleeve of the envelope so that the paint wouldn’t seep through to the other side.


Step 6: Trace your lettering onto the envelope face. I did mine in pencil and then once I made sure I liked it, I used a pen so it would show up better for the picture.


Step 7: Fill in your lettering with paint. I did two coats, letting it dry in between coats.


Step 8: Next make a fold in your open edge top. Tuck it in like a present wrapping fold.


Step 9: Next sew closely along your fold on both sides.


Step 10: Fold in the very top of both fabrics and sew them together.


Step 11: Next sew along the sides of your envelope.

IMG_20131007_171730     IMG_20131007_171535

And there you have it. A simple Book Envelope to keep your books neat and clean in your littles backpack. You could add a snap or Velcro to keep the flap down. What are you creating today?


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