Memory Keeper: This Week In September 3


Welcome to the last Memory Keeper post for September. Here are a few photos of what’s been happening in our day to day. Enjoy.

IMG_20130925_114512     IMG_20130924_163657

Fall is on the way! The counter is a perfectly good place to sit & hang Mom

IMG_20131001_165746     IMG_20131001_131026

Lots of pictures of Brecks with all the other monkeys at school these days

IMG_20130924_174656    IMG_20130924_165323

L: Feeling the need to squeeze in more veg? Try some homemade Minestrone, a marinated kale salad with Asian dressing, topped with pan seared salmon & a green smoothie on the side. R: Make a lot of Asian food? Freeze juiced ginger and store in your freezer.

IMG_20130930_140934     IMG_20130927_160547

L: Blueberry Scones. This is really the first time I’ve tried making scones (that I can remember) & I love ’em. They are kind of a cross between a cookie and a muffin. R: Hot Honey Wheat Rolls

I’ve been baking pretty regularly these days. I shoot for one big bake day every other week. This week’s tally: 55 apple muffins (apples were on sale this week), 18 blueberry scones, 24 cinnamon buns (thank God for the bread machine), 24 honey wheat rolls, 80 oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, a large batch of granola and a loaf of bread. Huff, puff. I send these homemade snacks with the kids in their lunches & for after school snacks. I always cut the sugar in a recipe by half, nearly always it’s plenty sweet.


 A rare shot of my big monkeys. Exploring tide pools.

Family Adventure Idea If You Live In California: Explore the beaches along the East Pacific Coast Highway. This gorgeous stretch of highway that follows the coastline has beach stops all along it. We started our drive near the Naval base and ended up some where before Leo Carrillo State Park. This was only the 3rd time we had been to this area. Because we are at the beach nearly every weekend and mostly stick closer to home, it was great fun to explore this newer-to-us area. The spot we hung out at didn’t have lifeguards or bathroom facilities, but it was a lovely small stretch of beach that we could keep an eye on the kids easily. There were people fishing and picnicking and my friend Rachel, said her boyfriend spear fishes for halibut here some times. It was a really hot, but breezy day. The water was freezing to me, but the little kids did not mind getting thoroughly wet while wading. There was a quite a strong rip tide and Azure (a big 5 year old) got tripped by a wave. For the most part the kids were happy to splash in the waves, search for crabs, view the sea anemones and throw a ball for our friend’s dogs. Another friend was telling me about the hiking opportunities in the hills opposite the beaches, which I am looking forward to trying once the weather turns a bit cooler. All in all we ended up hanging out longer than we had planned due to having such a great time. I’m sure the entertaining dogs and lovely company had a part in that. So, I am happy to suggest this wonderful activity for free family fun. Of course, if you don’t live in Cali, look for new beaches or lakes in your area. Any family fun activities you’d like to share?

IMG_20130928_175459     IMG_20130928_175529

These two are beach lovers. They always have a good time.

IMG_20130928_175658     IMG_20130928_175234

L: Brecks making friends with Wolf  R: Cole getting a refreshing ocean splash

IMG_20130925_140425     IMG_20130925_114827

L: Azure playing with a tiny spider he got in school. That boy is so excited about school. So far he has enjoyed Apple Day (apple tasting, projects and stories), visiting the school library, today was ‘Walk to School Day’ (haha, we walk everyday, but it was nice to see lots of other kids walking too) and he is looking forward to his first field trip next week: Visiting a pumpkin patch at a farm. He has drawn tons of pictures and talked non-stop about the trip since hearing about it. In other family schooling notes: Azure’s reading is showing marked improvement. Hurray. He is also started learning Geography songs (Thanks Auntie Dar for singing them for us) and doing a Social Studies project about Canada here at home with me. Biggest brother Alvin, decided to attend his first semi formal Homecoming Dance at the end of this week too! (Photos to follow) What activities are your kids enjoying at school?


4 thoughts on “Memory Keeper: This Week In September 3

    • Thanks Aunt Joyce,
      Trying to focus on enjoying this time in life, no matter how crazy and busy it gets, it won’t come again and then I’ll miss it. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Lotsa Love to you and all the family in Sault Ste. Marie!

  1. Looks like you guys are enjoying lots of fun activities! We need to get out of our rut, and maybe I can do some more baking once the weather cools down a bit.

    Did you already put up the scone recipe, those look so good!?

    • It’s always a challenge finding an activity that all the kids enjoy, but usually trying something new ends up fun and hopefully not too stressful.

      I hear ya about baking when its hot! Rich complained about the heat lots, so this last week I baked on Monday when just Brecks and I are home.

      I will see if I can find that scone recipe, it was just something I came across while browsing and copied it down. They were super good though!

      Thanks for stopping by to comment Lindy.

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