Memory Keeper: This Week in September 2


While we are still enjoying blazing hot weather, there have been a couple days with a decided fall feeling. I usually think of fall as the season of cleaning, organizing the house, school schedules, etc.

During a recent phone conversation with a dear friend, we discussed the importance of being and planning intentionally. The fact that we only have a certain amount of summers (or time) with our kids before they mosey on out into the big wide world had us thinking about the ways we spend our time together and what our kids will remember from their childhoods. All good stuff and it re-inspired me to put more thought into our family times together. That being said, I pulled together a Summer Pail List

While we didn’t accomplish everything on our list, but we as parents certainly made a good effort to make it a memorable summer. There was plenty of family time and a fun filled trip to visit the grandparents and family up north.

Since then I have seen ‘Autumn Bucket Lists’ here and there online and thought, ‘Yes, awesome! Why not?’ So I am simply rolling over our uncompleted activities from summer on to our fall list and adding a couple of fall extras.


Our Autumn Bucket List Additions:

– Visit an orchard and pick apples

– Visit a pumpkin patch

– Carve a pumpkin

– Bake pumpkin and apple treats

– Visit the San Diego Zoo and Safari Park (kids entrance are free in October)

– Trick or treat (with Azure)

– Take fall photos

– Give thanks

– Make a fall craft (little kids)

– Go on a Nature walk

IMG_20130916_162936     IMG_20130916_165715

Brecks is taking a greater interest in joining us for coloring, painting and projects. He can recognize the entire alphabet now and looks for letters, numbers and shapes everywhere! His favorite and only song that he sings is ‘A, B, C’s’ at the top of his voice. Today he was trying line up with Azure’s class at school and cries when we have to leave Azure there.

IMG_20130917_073914     IMG_20130917_065746

These two snuggle bunnies kept me company while Hubbs was away for work. Ahhh, I’m so lucky!

IMG_20130917_075432      IMG_20130918_175728

Needing Grammy’s cozy blanket for morning school drop offs. Azure getting much more creative. Making a block house for his bear from Oma Grandma.

IMG_20130919_092244     IMG_20130919_091928

Been reading these. Having some gallbladder problems, not wanting to get it cut out, thankyouverymuch, so looking into herbal healing.

IMG_20130922_150626     IMG_20130922_183629

Horray, Dad is home!

IMG_20130920_173041     IMG_20130923_085443

A little bit of this going on…no, it’s not a blanket. I was able to make a trip to the library. My bedside table now looks like this! Azure started to keep a reading log for his homework from kindergarten. I wanted to stock up with lots of new books so I don’t have to read the same stories/books every night.

IMG_20130920_222025     IMG_20130923_084851

Little shiny owls found at .99 cent store and the darling white pitcher was a thrift store find. I got to do a bit of thrift store trolling with Brecks. Boy, are thrift stores THE place to shop these days. Everyone and their brother are there! I had to resist a couple cute items for a lack of space or need, a real sturdy wooden child’s step stool, a beautiful wooden baby doll cradle and some good quality girlie patterned sheets. Instead I took home this white pitcher, a small glass owl (Cole talked me into it), swim shorts and shirt for Azure for next year, a mini muffin tin and about 12 books for the kiddies. Anything exciting happen this week for you guys?


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