DIY Tutorial: Superhero Cape


This project is the second post in my ‘Handmade Christmas Gifts’ series and I’ll show you a how to make a DIY Tutorial: Superhero Cape.

Cost and Items Needed for This Project:

$4.00: 2 yards of fabric on sale (regular $8.00 at Joann’s)

Free: Thread (I already had this)

Free: Scrap of fabric (for the ‘Superman’ shape)

Free: Sewing machine (I already had this)

Total Cost of This Project: $4.00 I’m Smiling!


Step 1: Make yourself a pattern. Honestly I just folded the material in half length wise and then in half the other way. See how I set the pattern on the fold? That way when you cut, you only have to cut once. Don’t line the pattern right up to the end of the fabric (as in the picture) or you won’t have any seam, which you’ll need. I just made a super basic neck space, kind of a giant bib idea. I freehanded outline and tweaked the look as I went.


Step 2: Cut yourself a shape like this with a scrap of fabric. I made mine fairly large, the top is about 7 inches wide. Make yours as large or small as you like.


Step 3: I freehanded the letter ‘P’ (initial of the little person it is intended for), but you could easily print in out on the computer and use it as a pattern.


Step 4: Line it up to check your sizing.


Step 5: Sew down your letter. I used the zig zag stitch on the sewing machine, if you look closely you will see I am JUST trying this stitch out.


Step 6: Next, I sewed down the sides of the ‘Superman’ shape.


Step 7: Now sew the shape to the cape on the right side out.


Step 8: Sew around your drawn outline, before you cut out your shape, that way if the two pieces of fabric shift a bit, it’s ok. Notice the space between the neck area (circle) and the seam at the bottom of the picture that is the shape on the other side. I accidently sewed it in the wrong spot than I had originally wanted, so I had to adjust my neck area a bit. Back on track, it all worked out in the end. Make sure you leave a space somewhere that you leave open, so you can turn the cape right side out, before closing up the hole. Turn it right side out and have a look at your shape. I decided I didn’t want the bottom of my cape straight across with pointed corners. So I went ahead and sewed another seam making the sides rounded and the bottom curved.


Step 9: Once you are happy with the shape, go ahead and cut off the excess fabric. Right side out the cape and sew the small hole shut. Add a snap button to fasten the cape.


Voila! Yes, I still need to wash and iron the cape flat.

IMG_20130916_183505     IMG_20130916_183018

Azure was thrilled to model this project. No bribes needed.

IMG_20130916_183332    IMG_20130916_183202

Aren’t big brothers the BEST kind of Superheroes?

IMG_20130916_182359     IMG_20130916_182513

A few more pictures of the happy little cape model.


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