Memory Keeper: This Week in September


In order to regularly post pictures from our daily lives for family & friends, I thought I’d try to round up the happenings and photos in a weekly post. Here’s the first one!


There has been a trip to the beach to throw ‘rockies’ in the water. One of Brecks favorite things to do


A little bit of wild life viewing


And one of a little crab catching (trying to catch anyway) explorer. Hmmm, I seem to have a difficult time getting the big boys to pose


I have been trying to get more fish in my diet recently, so I have been enjoying Wild caught salmon with veggies & an awesome Sesame Ginger Dressing Cole has been whipping up from budgetbytes blog. Link here: we left out the tahini, and it is still fabulous!

IMG_20130909_173421     IMG_20130909_173324
Making some lovely apple treats with seasonal produce. Pictured are Apple Hand Pies (my own creation, recipe coming soon) and Easy Apple Coffee Cake (more a bread) that I make the dough in the bread machine. Here’s a link to the recipe Instead of the store bought pie filling, I use 2 cups of diced fresh apples with a dash of water, cinnamon & sugar added & cook until soft. I have also used strawberry & plum jam in this recipe as well.

IMG_20130914_133908     IMG_20130914_175939

IMG_20130914_175757                 IMG_20130914_175610

Family Adventure Idea if you live in California: We went on a wonderful hike as a family to Paradise Falls in Wildwood Regional Park in Thousand Oaks. It was SO super hot and sunny, but we had great fun overall. The hydration water bottle back pack I scored for $2.00 at a yard sale came in handy and kept the ice water nice and insulated. The little tiny turkey was a trooper, walking almost all of the 3 miles on his own. The big boys scouted around, searched for crayfish at the falls and got prickly cactus stuck to their hands. Azure got a couple booboo’s on his knees, which is why he’s holding up his shorts in the picture. While this hike couldn’t be accomplished too easily with a jogger (we left it in the van) Brecks (2 1/2) was able to walk/run most of the way himself. Of course it depends on your child. We did see other families with children about 3-5 years old also hiking. We chose the easy trail, though there seemed to be some more challenging ones as well. There are water fountains here and there along the way as well as a few picnic table areas. We packed a lunch to enjoy in the cooler shade of the trees down by the creek near the falls. There is a teepee type shade structure for a resting spot that was nice and breezy. Perfect place for a nap, if you don’t have little kids that will wander off. Needless to say, the grown ups did not nap on this trip.


The kids had a school holiday last week and they all made paintings on canvas for me. I helped the little guys with theirs (pictured above) with the idea from pinterest and the canvases Auntie Ericka gave us. Thanks Ricky! Here’s a link to the pin:


Date Night Idea: And to top off the week, Hubbs and I got a SUPER rare treat of a night out by ourselves! Thanks to a dear family friend keeping an eye on our gang of monkeys. Thanks Chris! (haha, not that you read my blog) We went to a movie and had Korean BBQ for the first time together. Really fun meal, if you’ve never tried it, you should. We went to GEN Korean BBQ, a new restaurant in the Riverpark area of Oxnard. The restaurant was open late, so after the movie we were still able to eat out and not have to wait for a table. Win, win. I was starving at that point. The price was quite reasonable as well. $20.00 per person, all you can eat. At first Hubbs, wasn’t too sure about having to cook his own food (I do all the cooking at home) but, ended up really enjoying it. While it’s not the cheapest meal out, it was certainly worth it in our opinion. Value for food was great and it was some thing special, since we eat out very rarely. I pleasantly discovered that I do like certain types of kimchee. Of the 4 that were offered the only one I didn’t like was the cabbage one and that was the only one I had ever tasted before. The sauces they served with the meal were delicious as well.  (Disclaimer: I was not paid or otherwise compensated for writing about this visit to this restaurant, simply my own opinions and suggestion)

IMG_20130913_202216     IMG_20130913_220448

Lastly, I have been busy crafting some handmade Christmas gifts. I will be posting as many projects as I can in DIY Tutorial format, so that you can benefit from my having worked out the kinks. Some projects will be my own creations, while most of them will be my twist on something I have been inspired by. I will link to the inspiration photos/ideas as well so you can pick your favorite bits and turn out your own great creations as well. Looking forward to sharing my crafting fun with you all. Since Hubbs is away on a business trip, NOTHING WILL STOP THE CRAFTING! Mooahhaha. He doesn’t read my blog either, so my secret is safe.

And that, dear ones wraps up our week. I would love to hear what you guys have been up to.


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