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IMG_20130720_173159Hey there Lovely People,

Today’s post is a bit about a fun little spot we have been enjoying as a family this year, Legoland California! We had been talking about and wanting to visit this California attraction for something like 6 years now. With our large family we generally tend to go the free or inexpensive activity route nearly all the time, however near the beginning of the year with Oma Grandma visiting from Holland we decided it would be the perfect opportunity to go ahead and invest in an annual family pass. I thought I’d do a little write up on this park, sharing our experience, a long with a few tips and suggestions.

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What do you get with an annual Legoland Pass? Unlimited access to Legoland California park, the water park in the park & the Sea Life aquarium right next door. You also get discounts on retail and food, FREE parking and a FREE guest pass with every annual pass you purchase. We brought our tickets online and got a discount by buying that way and scored FREE lego sets for each of our pass holders, though I don’t know if this was a one time bonus or if its just normally included.

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I would say that Azure, our five year old has a great time at the park. He can go on many rides and they are exciting for him. Two year old Brecklin, can’t really go on any rides, except a mini train at the play ground, but he LOVES the large playground area and the lego building area in an outdoor gazebo and could happily play at those places all day! My older boys almost 14, and 12 year old’s enjoy/don’t enjoy different things about the park. Oldest brother Alvin, isn’t much into rides, but has gone on a few of the tamer ones. 12 year old brother Cole, loves rides, has been on all of them. Kenyon, 12 year old #2, isn’t a huge fan of rides, but has warmed up to going on most of them by half way through the year.  Since the cost of the annual pass is already worth it if you plan to go twice, it just made sense for us to invest in this pass. We figured we should be able to make it at least every other month. I am definitely glad we got the annual passes because the park is REALLY crowded. Sure walking around isn’t too bad, but the lines for the rides are bananas long! I suppose not any longer than most other amusement parks , but making your five year old wait an hour for a ride that lasts about a 2 minutes is pretty rough on everyone. That being said, we are really happy we have the passes that way we only wait for a couple rides each time we go and don’t feel like our entire day was spent in a line! Legoland is a very nice park to stroll around in and enjoy. Mini Land is mini lego models of famous buildings/sites, scenes and Star Wars movie sets. Everyone really enjoyed this area.

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The Water Park area is opened seasonally, so if you are hoping to visit it, plan ahead. Food is certainly expensive, so bringing a packed lunch to eat in the car is what we do most times. Though after 5 in the evening, they have been offering a free kids meal at certain food places in the park with the purchase of an adult meal. I don’t know if this deal runs all the time or if its only limited. At the beginning of the year they weren’t running it, but started during the summer, maybe its to go along with the longer park hours? There are also shows and expo’s going on at different times of year, so you may want to look into this when planning your trip.  They have opened the Legoland hotel this year too, so if you’re visiting from afar or if you are looking for something a little extra special, try a Lego themed room! We have visited this park quite a few times with many visiting family members from out of town and since its a great attraction that many people would like to see while visiting California, its a pretty good venue to spend time at. Any other questions? or tips to pass along? Please comment away.

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Legoland California, nor have I received any sort of compensation for writing this post. These are purely my own thoughts and suggestions.


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