Recipe: 5 Smoothie Round Up


Hey Lovelies,

We have been taking advantage of all the warm summer weather to get our fill of smoothies. Smoothies are a great way to squeeze in extra fruit and veg in a very kid friendly way. It’s also a wonderful way to cool down or enjoy a quick snack or even as a meal. Since we have been enjoying these babies almost everyday, I thought I’d pass some of the combo’s along for you all to enjoy too. IMG_20130715_181129

Smoothie Recipe:  Frozen peach, avocado, yogurt with a spoonful of homemade blueberry raspberry jam


Smoothie Recipe: Frozen peach, banana, carrot juice


Freezee Recipe: Frozen strawberries, peach & orange juice


Smoothie Recipe: Kale & honeydew melon juice, frozen banana & strawberry


Smoothie Recipe: Kale juice, pear, frozen banana & yogurt


This little boy just can’t get enough of them!


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