Memory Keeper: Canada Trip Part Two


Azure swimming in the freezing Lake Okanagan

Lake Okanagan is located 4 hours NE of Vancouver in Kelowna. This beautiful area has a relaxed, vacation vibe without feeling oh-so-touristy. The campground we stayed at was directly across the street from the wonderful lakefront view and it was nice to sit and relax while the kids splashed and waded in the really cold lake water. We got to have a campfire and made smores! I have always wanted to do this with my kids, but for some reason never quite got around to it. This time we did! Azure discovered that smores are ‘disgusting’ to him, I think it was the melty mess that wasn’t appealing and truthfully they weren’t my favorite either. Weirdo, I know!

Here are some fun shots of our camping trip to Lake Okanagan with Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles & a cousin

IMG_0627     IMG_0594

Left: Azure helping Dad drive the boat Right: Cole inner tubing

With four kids on this trip it was nice to have the boat ride for big brother Cole, of course everyone got to enjoy it as well

IMG_0563     IMG_0610

Left: Grammpy & the kids boating Right: Dad & Azure taking a turn


Mom & Brecklin enjoying the sun

IMG_0524   IMG_0744

Left: Cousin Time Right: Happy Face

IMG_0749   IMG_0771

Left: Ahhh, look how tall that sprout is getting Right: Cherry picking with Aunt Dar & cousin Kalin

I visited Lake Okanagan once as a child and remembered the sun warmed fresh, juicy peaches from a farm stand. Pure delight! However on this trip we were too early for peaches and so stuffed ourselves with lovely delicious cherries instead. In my books Canada has the most wonderful blueberries and raspberries too! I had to make some jam to bring home with me from our u-pick farm haul. Summer sunshine in a jar. Four large jars didn’t last a week.

IMG_0737   IMG_0738

Brecks is heartbroken every time we drop Azure off at school now days. Glad they had such a great summer together


Favorite fishing spot for kids, a local family owned and operated trout farm in Abbotsford, B.C., Canada

Whenever people ask me about Canada we always end up talking about the great outdoor things there are to do up there. We were very blessed to have been able to make this trip. Azure asks frequently when can we go back. He had so much fun with his cousin, sleepovers nearly everyday night. Miss you Kalin!

And that wraps up our Canada Trip. Stay tuned for another round of summer family pictures coming soon


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