Memory Keeper: Canada Trip Part One


Hey there friends and family,
Since my blog is suppose to be about “Memories in the Making” I thought I’d better get to it! ūüôā I struggle with the idea of posting more storytelling type posts as I don’t think writing is my strong suit. So, no judgment please. Feel free to skip over this post if my family happenings don’t particularly interest you. Without further ado, here’s a snapshot of our filled-to-the-brim-of-fun summer.


Thankfully, the weather has been great. The kids have done a lot of swimming this year. Azure swims like a fish and even learned to dive. Huge accomplishment for Brecks, he can keep himself upright in the water. With the life¬†jacket on he was always rolling over into¬†his back. Now,¬†this means I don’t have to get in the water EVERY time! Hurray! Hurray! Happy dances. ¬†He is enjoying his freedom immensely, can you tell?

20130708_144609  20130708_144714

20130708_144708  20130708_144627

Photo credit: Cole Alcasas

Totem poles in Stanley Park, B.C., Canada

We were very blessed to be able to head to beautiful British Columbia for two wonderful weeks this summer. Spending time with family and hanging out with a cousin and meeting doggie cousin, Jax. We started the long drive at 2:30 am on Saturday and drove 18 hours! We stopped for the night at a hotel with an indoor pool (Thank God! The kids were going bananas after being in the car ALL DAY!)


Azure getting his yahyah’s out. I took the kids to the pool, so dad¬†could relax a little in the room.

IMG_20130709_124144    20130701_140647

20130701_134931    IMG_20130701_150420

Exploring a new park




More pics in Stanley Park, B.C., Canada


Azure’s first trail ride on Freckles the horse


And his first time berry picking


And a couple pics of the cuties to finish this post off


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