DIY Idea: Scrappy Blanket Color Block Pattern


Here is a teeny bit fancier Scrappy Blanket idea. Again, this is an idea rather than a tutorial.

For this project I used 5 squares of 10 different fabrics in 7×7 inch squares.  I added a 3 inch green & white flowered stripe between the squares and a 4 inch solid green border around the perimeter of the blanket. On the back I used fluffy, soft material to make it cuddly.


Here’s a shot of the less-than-eager-model boy


So, I just went with it. Blanket modelling while playing the robot game. It works 🙂

I made this blanket cause I had a pile of fun prints to use and the colors made me happy! Now I have another brightly colored blanket for Doggie niece, Jax.

Cause a dog’s gotta have a fabulous blanket for the doggie carrier, right?


Here’s a shot of most of the blanket. Hiding holding up 12 year old did his best. Have fun with this one people.


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