DIY Idea: The Scrappy Blanket


Photo credit: Tanya Rancourt

Here is a great project to make good use of all those scraps of fabric you’ve been saving up.  This is just an idea for a cute gift  or personal project. I made this “Scrappy Blanket” for doggie niece, Jax.


My son, Azure asked to be wrapped up in it even though it was a super hot summer day. He thought it was snuggly.

IMG_20130621_111031  IMG_20130621_111848  IMG_20130621_111820

Since this blanket used up scraps, they we’re all different sizes. I joined all the same sized squares together and then sewed the strips of squares together. As you can see I also used up thin strips as well. My blanket did not have a plan, just random strips.


The other side was a layer of soft, fluffy material I had saved. I used a scarf (the leopard print), a child’s bathrobe (the pink), a weird large sleeper pajama (the clouds), a pair of pj pants (the cow spots? at the bottom) and a mens yellow fleece pullover sweater (can’t see in the picture)


I rolled it up and added a fabric ribbon.


Ready to gift!


One more of my cutesy model.


Photo credit: Tanya Rancourt


Photo credit: Tanya Rancourt

Doggie cousin,  Jax enjoying her new blanket. Doggie mama, aka Auntie Tanya said Jax, who always kicks off blankets, gets up and covers herself with this one. Smiles! Glad she is attached to her baby blanket. It’s funny how she looks sad in these pictures, cause she is a very happy, playful baby. So pretty too!

Since this project was made with fabric scraps I already owned, it is technically a free project. Hurray. Looove it. Thanks for reading along guys. What great upcycling projects have you been up to?


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