DIY Idea: Dressing Up a Glass Jar


Here is a quick little project to simply “Dress up a Glass Jar” or vase.


Sew a piece of stretchy lace into a sleeve, by cutting a strip of lace fabric and sewing the ends together.


Slip it around your jar, add some twine wrapped around the jar a few times (I think I did about five wraps) and tie in a bow.

image(1)image (2)

Get creative and make some wrapped with twine. Just tie off the twine around the jar and start wrapping around and around until the desired effect is achieved. The ‘flowers’ was made from a long piece of lace tied in knots! I made a grouping of three ‘flowers’.

image (1)

Little loveliness lined up in a row! Have fun with this one people.

Total Cost of Project Breakdown:

Free: Glass jars (reusing food jars)

Free: Lace (re-purposed shirt)

$1.00: twine (Dollar Tree in Canada. Sorry to say people the dollar tree up there was AWESOME! I shop Dollar Tree here at home all the time, but I was Oooo-ing and Ahhh-ing over the TONS of craft items they had at that one!)

Total Cost:

$1.00 (We decorated 12+ jars) so less than .8 cents a jar. Nice! 🙂


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