DIY Tutorial: The Tanya Pillow


Wrapping up the “If My Sisters Were a Pillow” Project with the “Tanya Pillow”. I have been holding on to these awesome fabrics, cause I LOVE the patterns! So happy, fun and fresh. Modern, bold, but still girlish.  This one is pretty simple too.

Items Needed for the Project:

Material scraps


Needle and thread

Sewing machine (optional)


Step 1: I arranged the fabrics in the order I wanted them in and cut to size.


Step 2: Since I had long pieces of fabric, I made the cuts in long strips and then folded the whole thing in half to sew the sides shut. The photo above shows the sewn together long strips that haven’t been folded over yet. I used a sew machine for this, but you could totally sew it by hand if you don’t have one.

Step 3: Fold in half, inside out and sew two sides shut. You already have one side shut because of the folded over material. Sew the last side about 2/3 of the way shut and then turn right side out. It’ll look like an empty pillowcase at this point.


Step 4: Stuff your pillow and sew the remaining opening shut by hand.


Here is the finished Loveliness! Cute stuff, no?


Close up of those happy colors again.


Next time you have a few scraps and an hour to spend, try making your own variation of this great little pillow. Or, better yet, gather a couple friends and make it a party!


3 thoughts on “DIY Tutorial: The Tanya Pillow

    • Thanks Linda! I am surprised at how much better my sewing has gotten so quickly. Hehe, it was pretty scary and very basic when I first got the machine. But, it has be such fun actually seeing the playing around turn into something useful and hopefully good looking.

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