DIY Tutorial: Ring Box Project


Hey There Lovelies,

Any DIY brides or bride-to-be helpers out there? Like many couples these days, sis and bro-in-law to be are looking to save a little where they can. And why not people? Save the big bucks to spend where you just can’t do it yourself. Since I get excited just thinking about projects I chose to do a twist of this idea here that sissy had pinned As you can see it was a spring board for the ring box I came up with, not making the exact project, though I do love the original idea too.


Items Needed to Make the Ring Box Project:

A small wooden box

Wood stain


Chalkboard paint


A foam brush

A rag


Step 1:Remove the wooden backing and clean the glass. This box had a removable wooden backing for the picture frame glass that I decided to paint with chalkboard paint so the couple could add a cute message or drawing to the front of the box.


Step 2: Sand and clean dust off the wooden backing. Lightly paint with chalkboard paint. Let it dry and re coat. I think I did three coats in total on both sides.


Step 3: Using a small rag, dip it in the wood stain and wipe it on the wooden box.


Step 4: Let it dry for about 5 minutes and wipe off any excess stain that didn’t soak into the wood. Let it dry over night in a well ventilated area. I left mine outside. I did a second coat to get a bit more color onto the box and repeated the drying process overnight.


Step 5: Next brush on your polyurethane and again, let it dry overnight. I know all this waiting for paint to dry is a bit tedious, so have something else going on.You can still see the wood grain with this stain, which ties in with the tiny rustic touches that they are adding.

And that concludes the box prep. Now on to the flower pillow to hold the rings.

Items Needed for the Ring Box Flower Pillow:

A couple of white (or whatever color you want really) pieces of scrap fabric

A piece of ribbon

Needle and thread



Step 1: Measure your box and add a little extra material. Once you stuff it, it will get all fluffy and get smaller on the sides. I didn’t do this and it was a little smaller than I would have liked. Not the end of the world, but just saying. Fold your rectangle in half and sew up all but one end.


Step 2: Stuff your little pillow. I actually took out some of the stuffing after taking this picture as it was too fluffy for the box. Since I was going to add a flower on the pillow, I didn’t want it to get completely squished in the closed box.


Step 3: Try it out for size. Looking good!


Step 4: To make the flower I cut four large round edged rectangles. Pictured here is a large petal that measured about 6 1/2 inches by 3 inches. I then cut four smaller rounded rectangles for the inner petals.


Step 5: Here are the petals all lined up. (four of each, though they didn’t fit in the picture) I made a few stitches in the center of each petal to gather them, but you could just tie some thread around the middles too.


Step 6: Layer them up starting with the large ones first and the smaller ones on the top.


Step 7: A couple stitches through the entire stack keeps everything in place.


Step 8: Add a matching (or whatever color you choose) ribbon to the center of the flower and secure the flower to the pillow with a couple stitches straight through the entire pillow.


Simple, romantic, neutral with a touch of rustic. Since the box has a frame you could add a wedding day photo and use it for a doodad box in the future.

Cost of Project Breakdown:

$3.99 Wooden box found at Michael’s Arts and Craft Store. I am sure you can snag one from a thrift store, garage sale or even dollar store cheaper. I was on a deadline so I went with this one. Don’t forget to get a 40% coupon off their site.

About $5.00 Wood stain from Home Depot

About $5.00 Polyurethane from Home Depot

Material scraps, stuffing, ribbon, foam brushes and chalkboard paint I already had, so I won’t include the cost in this total.

Total Cost of Project: $14.00 

So, not a ton of money, but not super cheap either. I say it’s not a bad price for a custom cutie touch and keepsake. Most people probably own these handy dandy supplies, so you may only need a box. Anyhoo, get your craft on.


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