DIY Tutorial: The Yvette Pillow


Welcome to the third part in “If My Sisters Were a Pillow” project. This is the Yvette Pillow. “Yvette”, invokes a vintage vibe, topped with a cozy puff of a flower and some wooden beads. This is a fitting pillow for the antique loving, thrift store scouring chick.

Items Needed for this Project:

One dress or large shirt

One scarf

A few wooden beads

A scrap of felt

A ready made pillow form or stuffing

Needle and thread

Sewing machine (optional)


Here is the shirt (or dress?) that I used.


And the scarf.


And the falling apart, needing a new life pillow to be used inside.


Step 1: Cut off the uneven bit at the top, so you end up with a large usable piece. Measure your form in the middle of your pillow and add about an inch all around for the seams. Cut two pieces. One for the front and one for the back of the pillow. If you are stuffing the pillow instead, add a few (3 or 4 extra inches) to the material. Once you stuff the pillow cover it will expand (get nice and fluffy) and look smaller cause it’s not laying flat anymore. Again, you need two pieces.

Step 2: I didn’t get a picture, but sew up all the sides.


Step 3: Using a thick piece of string or elastic (just cause it was lying around) ‘sew’ it in really big stitches to gather the material of the scarf. I simply pushed it through the large holes in the material.


Step 4: Pull the gathers tightly together and tie the string/elastic in a couple of tight knots.


The scarf flower will look like this at this point.


Step 5: Next I cut out a piece of felt to add to the back of the flower to make it easier to sew to the pillow.


Step 6: Stitch the felt to the flower.


Step 7: Stitch the felt backing side down to the pillow.


Step 8: Tack down the folds of the scarf to form an attractive looking flower and so it holds its shape a bit better. Just add a stitch here and there and knot in place.


Step 9: Add a few cute wooden beads.


Step 10: Admire your handiwork.


Viola! You are finished.


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