DIY Tutorial: The Ericka Pillow


Here is the next pillow in my ‘If My Sisters Were a Pillow’ series. Introducing the Ericka Pillow. This pillow is a pop of metallic glam that adds a little sparkle and fun. Perfect in teen or grown up space. This one was by far the easiest of the four pillows and I would certainly be making similar ones in the future! So let’s get to it.

Items Needed:

One sequined tube top or skirt

Needle and matching colored thread

Stuffing or a premade pillow form


Here is the tube top. It was lined with another layer of fabric and  it was already sewn together.


Here’s a shot of the inside of the tube top.  Honestly, this was so quick and simple. I did it all by hand.


I started with sewing closed one end of the top when it was turned inside out.


Next, I turned it right side out and filled it with stuffing (I used some of our old couch cushions I already had) and sewed shut the opening. Simple, right?


The finished project! This took literally about 10 minutes and then you have a fab new throw pillow. Seriously easy, anyone can do it. Do send me your links and pictures!


A close up of the sparkly sequins. Looking forward to seeing your creations.


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