DIY Tutorial: Moss Covered Monograms


Hey There Lovelies,

Bringing you a fun little project to infuse a bit of the outdoors inside today. This Moss Covered Monogram Project is very simple even though I make it look complicated due to being a frugal crafter. Hang in there with me, I promise it’ll be easy and you’ll have a fabulous project you will be proud of.

Supplies I Used For This Project:

– Two white wooden letters about 12 inches tall & 1/2 inch thick. I got mine at Michaels Arts & Craft Stores.


– One 2 oz. bottle of green acrylic paint. I mixed my own color by mixing a couple greens together.


– Adhesive. I had Tacky Glue on hand so that is what I used. I almost bought spray adhesive for $8.00, but decided to try the Tacky Glue first since I already had it. The spray would have been a ton faster to apply and a time saver.


– One bag of moss. Any kind is fine. I went with Spanish moss from the Dollar Tree for uhhh, $1.00. I priced moss in a couple craft stores and it was about $7.00 for green colored moss. So I went with the cheaper option and made it work for me. If you don’t want to fiddle with the extra steps of coloring your moss, just get a $7.00 bag. I thought I would have needed 4 bags, so I went with the cheaper version.

– One bottle of rubbing alcohol. I got mine at the .99 Cent Store.

– Paintbrush

– Ziploc or other sturdy bag

– Large rag or layers of newspaper



Step 1: If you bought green moss or do not want to color yours, just skip to Step 4.You might want to do this part outside, or at the very least, somewhere with good airflow. Take your plastic bag and pour in the entire bottle of rubbing alcohol, add two small spoons of paint. I used a disposable plastic spoon. Give it a shake to combine.


Step 2: Place half of the moss pack in the bag, squeeze out the air, hold the opening tightly closed, shake/squish/squeeze the moss around inside the bag to soak it completely with the alcohol paint mix. Take it out, squeeze the extra alcohol back into the bag. Check out your moss to make sure all of it got soaked and colored. If spots aren’t done, just return it to the bag and re- shake & squish. Lay it out on your rag or newspaper to dry. Repeat, with the remaining half of moss in the mixture.


Step 3: Let it dry overnight or longer outside until completely dried out. I used alcohol so that it would dry quickly. Not sure, if it would grow mold and get nasty if had used water. If anyone tries water, let me know.


Step 4: Paint your letters using your remaining paint.The photo’s show a big difference in the shade of green painted and the colored moss, but in real life it wasn’t too different and blended in fine. In case a bit of the wooden form shows through any slightly bare spots in the moss, I decided to give them them two coats on both sides. I went ahead and painted & moss covered the backs of these letters in case they are leaned up against a mirror in their future lives, I wanted the backs to look nice as well. The letters I bought already had a hanging hole on the backs, but if not, you probably want to add a picture hanger before painting.


Step 5: Let the paint dry completely.


Step 6: I started layering glue and moss on all the edges first. I found snipping bits of moss off with some scissors very helpful as it was near impossible to tear off a piece from the tangled mass. I also removed any large leaves and sticks I came across tangled in the moss, though you could leave them in if you like.


Step 7: I used a couple jars to help prop the letter up to glue and cover the sides.


Step 8: Drying time aside, squeezing the glue out took the longest! I found cutting up the moss in small pieces helped it go on easier, kind of like sprinkles on cupcakes, especially to get into all the small spots. Don’t worry if your letter looks a bit too fluffy and not sharply shaped.

Step 9: Let the glue dry completely. I left it over night. Trim some moss off to make the letters more formed and neater.

Step 10: Fill in any blank spots with glue and small moss sprinkles, dry completely, and trim once more.


Step 11: Carefully wrap in tissue if you are gifting this project or style as desired.


Breakdown Cost of This Project:

$7.98 for two white wooden 12 inch letters. I bought these at Micheals Arts and Craft Stores. Don’t forget to download and use their 40% discount coupon from their website for greater savings.

$1.00 bottle of rubbing alcohol from .99 Cent Store

$1.00 Spanish moss from Dollar Tree

$.57 2 oz. green acrylic paint from Walmart

Free Tacky Glue. Since I already owned this item, I won’t add it to the cost here. I have the 16 oz. bottle that I got at Walmart for about $7 or $8.

Total Cost:

$10.55 or about $5.30 per letter

Super excited to see your creations!


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